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A pronoun is a word, which use in the place of a noun. It is used to avoid repetition of nouns such as person, place or things. Here is an examples of different sentence without pronouns




Ali is a boy. Alis is Aqsa’s Brother. Ali is the younger brother of Aqssa. Ali and Aqssa play together. Ali and Aqsa like mango. Ali and Aqssa goes to school together.

All the above lines seems rather long-winded, after replacing with pronouns it could read:

Ali is a boy. He is Aqsa’s Brother.He is the younger brother of Aqssa. They play together. They like mango. They  goes to school together.

All the above sentence look pretty now, so we can say that the pronoun play a vital role in English language.


In above column Ali and Aqsa are noun and on the other hand he and she, and they are used in place of noun so they are pronoun.

Pronoun have three kinds.

  1. First person
  2. Second person
  3. Third person

First Person

I, me, my, we, our, us use of first person.




Uses of first person in sentences

  • I am a girl
  • That was me
  • This is my laptop
  • We drink milk
  • These are our chair
  • You help us

We, our, us, are pronouns (first plural).

Second Person

You, your, yours, you.

Uses of second person in sentences

  • You take tea
  • This is your book
  • I gave you a pen

You, your, and you are second person pronouns in above example.

Third Person

He, his, him, she, her, hers, her, it, its, they, their, theirs, them are example uses.

Uses of third person in sentence

  • He is a boy
  • This is his book
  • Ali teaches him
  • She drinks milk
  • This is her book
  • Salma caught her
  • They take tea
  • These are their books
  • Nasir advised them

Cases of Pronoun in Table



Nominative case Accuses case

Possessive case

First person Singular/plural I, we Me, us My, mine, our, ours
Second person Singular/plural You, you You, you Your, yours, your, yours
Third person Singular/plural He, she, it, they Him, her, it, them His, her, hers, its, their, theirs



Case shows the condition of a noun or a pronoun which tell us the relation with other words

There are three cases

  1. Nominative case
  2. Possessive case
  3. Objective case

Nominative case

When a noun or a pronoun is used as a subject of a verb, it is said to the nominative case.


  • I take a tea
  • We eat meat
  • You singing a song
  • He goes to school
  • She cooks food
  • They play hockey
  • Ali learn a poem
  • In a above example I, we, you, he, she, they
  • Ali are used as a nominative case


Possessive Cass

Noun or a pronoun which denotes ownership or possession is said to be a possessive case.


  • This is Alis book
  • Student’s books are on the table
  • In above example Ali shows a relationship with book.
  • Such relation are expressed which ‘s’and (‘) like Ali’s
  • In second example student’s is possessive case


Objective Case

A noun or a pronoun is used as the objected of a verb, it is said to be in objective case.


  • I boil eggs
  • We sing a song
  • You take tea
  • He writes a letter
  • She plays cricket
  • They kill a snake

In above example snake, cricket, letter, tea, song, eggs are use as object and they are objective case.


Video Lecture



Here are Exercises


Pick Out Pronouns From The Following Sentences

  1. I am a boy.
  2. He is a student.
  3. She is a girl.
  4. They are boys.
  5. It is my pen.
  6. I am your friend.
  7. It is a book.
  8. My name is Aslam.
  9. His name is Ali.
  10. These are their pens.
  11. We are teachers.
  12. They are out friends.


Fill In The Blanks With Suitable Pronouns

  1. …………… is a farmer.
  2. This is …………… house.
  3. I am ………….. teacher.
  4. I like ……………. very much.
  5. …………. wrote ………….. a letter.
  6. ………………are very cunning.
  7. This is …………pen.
  8. This is …………….. shop.
  9. …………….. school is good.
  10. Ali is ……………uncle.

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