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Monday , October 23 2017


The Adjective

Adjective is a word which adds something to the meaning of noun and pronoun. So we can say te adjective describe a noun and pronoun giving some additional information of an object shape, size, color, etc…



  • Ali is a good boy.
  • He is an intelligent student.
  • There are many student in the class.
  • He has seven books.
  • There is a little water in the pot.

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Kinds Of Adjective

  1. Adjective of quality.
  2. Adjective of quality.
  3. Adjective of number.
  4. Demonstrative adjective.

Adjective Of Quality

Adjective of quality shows the kind or quality of a person or thing.


A beautiful girl, a big room, a tall boy, an honest woman, a busy bazar, a wise king

Adjective Of Quality

Adjective of quality shows how much of a thing is meant


Enough money, a little water, a lot of pens, much food

Adjective Of Number

Adjective of numbers shows how many persons or thing is meant.


Many students, some boys every students

Demonstrative Adjective

Demonstrative adjective points out which person or thing is meant.


  • This, that, these, those,
  • This pen is red.
  • That student is intelligent.
  • Those are boys.
  • These boys are clever.


  1. Positive degree
  2. Comparative degree
  3. Superlative degree
  1. Positive Degree

The positive degree of an adjective is the adjective in its simple form. it is denote the mere existence of some quality.


  1. Nadeem is a rich man.
  2. Ali is a tall boy.
  3. She is a nice girl.
  4. Imran is a good boy.
  1. Comparative Degree

Comparative degree of an adjective denotes a higher degree of the man the positive and is used when two things are compared.


  1. Ali is taller thenaslam.
  2. Nadeem is richer thenakram.
  3. Salma is more beautiful thennajma.
  1. Superlative Degree

The superlative degree of an adjective denotes the highest degree of it quality and is used when more then two things are compared.


  1. Nadeem is the tallest boy in the class.
  2. Ali is the richest person in the city.
  3. Rose is the most beautiful flower in the world.


1 pick out adjective from the following sentences:

  1. I saw a black cat.
  2. The sky is blue.
  3. This is a beautiful room.
  4. This is a red pen.
  5. He is an old man.
  6. Usman is a tall boy.
  7. His mother is old.
  8. It is a long stick.
  9. These mangoes are sweet.
  10. Animals like green grass.


2 fill in the blanks with adjectives.

  • Usman is —————-boy.
  • He is an ——————–student.
  • She has —————–money.
  • They have—————food.
  • There is a —————water in the jug.
  • I have—————–books.
  • ——————books are mine.
  • ——————peoples are very brave.
  • Rose is a flower——————.
  • Ali is a—————man.
  • A hand has————-figures.
  • The muslins believe in —————-god.
  • I saw———————-animals in the zoo.
  • He is ———————-than 1.
  • We are——————brothers.


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