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Monday , March 19 2018


Once again welcome back to MYAKTION. today we learn Blogger class 09 Search Preferences Settings in blogger in.

In the free course blogger learning tutorial, we learned how to create a blogger blog by AksaSahi. This is lesson 8 in the series of blogger learning if you did not see The previous lesson how to create a blog in blogger, how to change blogger template

Blogger basic setting, blogger post, and comment setting how to change email setting in blogger and in our previous class we discussed how to set language and formatting setting. for a series of free blogger lesson Or get all lesson at YouTube without any cost. Here we learn blogger Search Preference settings so let start to discuss step by step.

Search Preferences Settings in Blogger Blog and Build a Free Money Blog

Contents For Search Preferences Settings

Meta tags

  • Description

Errors and Redirections

  • Custom Page Not Found
  • Custom Redirects

Crawlers and Indexing

  • Google search console
  • Custom robots.txt
  • Custom robots header tags


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Meta tags


This Description Help users to decide to click on your blog in search results by writing a forceful summary of what your blog is all about. So this description is highly important in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) point.

Do not forget to put such description with of keywords related your blog niche. So to add description click into Edit and then click into enabling search description Yes.

After it, a box will appear in front of you. Now you can add a short but descriptive description for your blog. Remember that all the description written in this box show your blog into search engine eyes.

You can use 150 characters with spaces. Here you have to write specific keyword. Like here I am going to create a software blogger blog so I put specific keyword for our blog.

Then You can add 150 Characters description for your blog about.

“This site provide Expert PC Help and Advice Including News, Software Downloads, Download Program, Download Free Software, Free Zip Software. Tips to Use Different Software and How to Buy a Software and Much More”


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Watch Video Demonstration F0r Search Preferences Settings


More Related Topics


Errors and Redirection

Custom Page Not Found

Some time your web page not displays by any reason so here you have to enter an HTML message that will be appeared on the Page “Not Found page” in its place of the generic message. Click in Edit ant put you custom page not found message up to 1000 character with space.



Custom Redirects

You can also add custom redirect for external URLs pointing to your blog that does not point to accessible posts or pages


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Crawlers and Indexing

Google Search Console

In this option, you can add a website to your Search Console account.  We will discuss this option in another lesson with detail

Custom Robots.txt

You can use /robots.txt file to give directions about their blog to web robots this is also called The Robots Exclusion Protocol. so the text written here will be served in its place of the default robots.txt content to search engines.

To make change here type


Disallow: / ABS.html


After this setting search engine does not read that page



 Custom Robots Header Tags

You can use to set the robots header tags served to search engines with these settings

Here check mark all the marked places for proper setting and watch video tutorial for more detail

Enable custom robots header tags to click Yes


 Click All

Archive and search pages

Click good

Default for posts and pages

Click All




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