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Monday , October 23 2017


Hi. AktionSpeakers, if you are finding royalty free stock photos for commercial use? MyAktiON gives a solution to get royalty free stock photos for commercial use.

As we saw we are now in 2017 the second decade of this century. In this era the technologies swift as well as Google and all other search engines increasing efficiency. So I think the need to get royalty free stock photos for commercial use have lots important topic in the present stage.

When we look past we found Google search engine ranking was too easy as compare to nowadays. In past people’s use noncopyrighted material without any restriction. But round about 2013 lots of online business were affected due to copyright articles, black hat SEO techniques etc.


Similarly, nowadays peoples do not care images photos download. Many bloggers or commercial business or companies use images carelessly. And I think it will be affecting sooner or later so the need to use royalty free stock photos for commercial use is much important.

This is because to get copyright free image you need some skills like how to use photoshop or any other graphic designing software. If you do not have sufficient knowledge you can buy a license.

On the other hand, if you are finding royalty free stock photos for commercial use? MyAktiON gives a solution to get free pics, photo images.

No doubt images can make your post or projects successfully and apparently more eye-catching. I found everyone always tries to find quality royalty free photos for websites or for any projects.

Sharing impo of royalty free stock photos for commercial use

Some creators can afford to buy stock images from premium stock photo websites while many persons cannot particularly if you run a business that required lots of stock photos. This can also happen when your business does not generate extra income to porches premium photos.

In this article, I am showing you some great places/websites/methods to find royalty free stock photos for commercial use, for your next project or post. You can use the images for commercial projects without any fear about the copyright of the image.

This website provides quality royalty free stock photos for commercial use not only higher resolutions but you can also download many pictures as much as you want.


Importance of Visuals in Communication

importance of royalty free stock photos for commercial use

Before showing you the royalty free stock photos for commercial use, it is important to know the actual worth of an image into your blog, business.

Into the world of internet, we are talking through our words as well as visuals communication.  Following are the key importance to place images.


Methods to Getting Royalty Free Stock Photos for Commercial Use

royalty free stock photos for commercial use


Obtaining Permission to Reuse

If you want to use images from a copyright free site or sites, you will need to get approval from the copyright owner to reuse or remix them according to your own choice. But this is not easy because it is quite difficult to finding the owner of the copyright image.

So you can choose other methods that I am going to show you. But if you hardly want to use any other’s copyright photo, you can get permitting through sending theme a request. Most of the time the owner gives you permeation.



google royalty free stock photos for commercial use

Google Image Search provide an additional option to confine the results to images that are licensed using Creative Commons. The creative comment shows you a list of free licenses that permit content creators to share their works with the world.

Advanced Image Search in goggles gives you result for royalty free stock photos for commercial use. You can choose images according to your desire looks such as specific color, size or type.

The options are not so far accessible in the interface, but you can use the search box below to discovery images that are licensed using some of the most general Creative Commons licenses

The five options displayed under the usage right. You can choose any one of them according to your desire or your need.

They are not filtered by licenses, labeled for reuse with modification, label for reuse, label for non-commercial reuse with modification, and label for non-commercial use



yahoo royalty free stock photos for commercial use

You know photographs websites contain millions of prevailing photographs that can permit the right to reuse for specific uses. A client who uses images instead of hiring a photographer can save time, effort and money.

Normally publishers can either purchase private rights to a single picture or they can purchase a contribution of sorts. The subscriptions allow publishers to download a limited number of photos over a specified period of time.

Stock photo websites allow webmasters, marketers, and publishers to locate pictures for their marketing and promotional materials without the annoyance of organizing photos. With copyright laws, businesses must be very careful in using unlicensed photos.

Due to such reasons, search engines shows the result of different images having the Creative Common attribute. Yahoo is the great search engine gives royalty free images under any license option. You can get lots of free images with this tool.



fliker royalty free stock photos for commercial use

Some photo sharing sites, such as, permit photographers to share their photography work with others and grant authorizations for using them.

Photographers on Flickr will have the photos showing exclusive rights. But when you contact many of them and ask for approval to use, they will be grateful and let you use them.

Under flicker creative common you can find thousands of images that have reuse license. So you can get all of them free without the permit.


gratisography free images

This website belongs to a graphic designer and web designer, Ryan McGuire. The Gratisography has an enormous collection of royalty free stock photos for commercial use. They improve and add innovative pictures on weekly basis.

This website has a lot of the images at the moment so you can download and get benefit by free images. All the images are captured by “Ryan” with the greatest care so you’ll only acquire high-quality images for personal and commercial use.

Stock pic

istockphoto free image

The Stock photos are used by hundreds of thousands of people every day, so it is a widely used photo sharing site. They are used for websites, mock-ups, blogs, businesses, print, advertisement, newspapers and so many other images. Stock pic is free to use and provide royalty free images.

You can spend hours looking through some of the big stock websites linking through literally millions of images only to find that it’s going to cost about $05 to $15 per image but it is free on this website.


pixabay free photo

Pixabay is the site that I like more than every website to get royalty free stock photos for commercial use. This website has over free 760000 stock vectors, images and illustrations for designers. This website has progressed a lot in the past two years and you’ll find many new stock photos every day on this website.

You can download the images for your business, websites, branding projects and any other design related projects. You can also credit to the photographer for a photo by liking their pictures and if you like a particular photographer then you can follow him as well. All you need to do sign up and start downloading images.


raumrot images free

This is a very interesting website that provides royalty free stock photos for commercial use. This site has lot more free stock photos that you can use for free without any fear.

Like another great site, the most interesting feature of this site that makes this site is very useful is download images. If you want, just search for the images and you are all done. All the photos in this website are characterized very well. It is easy to get the images of your choices without wasting your time.


pexels images

Pexels provide helps designers, bloggers, businessman and everyone who is looking for an image. This is a place to discover photos that you can use everywhere for free.

Pixels photos are available to post it on your private profile, use it as your new header image. You can also use it for a post on your commercial Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn page or pages.

All photos on Pexels are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. This means you can use them for free for any personal and commercial purpose. Attribution is not required


morguefile photos

Morguefile is a free photo website Founded by Michael Connors in the early Internet days of 1996. This site was created to serve as a free image interchange for inspired professionals and teachers to use in their work. The photos have been donated by a wide range of creative from around the world, ranging from incompetent photo to professionals.

Morguefile is one of the deep-rooted, well-known and oldest free photo websites. It provide royalty free stock photos for commercial use.  It has a large collection of 350,000 free stock photos for commercial use and no doubt this is a cool mind selection.

The one another greater and awesome feature of this site is easy to use. To downloading or copy images from MorgueFile you do not need to sign up. You just visit the website and get the image which you want. This website has bigger resolution photos and it provides under 72 dpi resolution so choose wisely.


freerangestock free images

All images by freeman stock can be used in commercial projects like websites images, advertising banners, books, videos, and other commercial performances. This is a great source of free photographs. I personally like this website more than some others.

Free images


Free images classified with different categories of huge gallery having more than 350.000 excellent collections of photos by more than 30.000 photographers. This is not for images if you want a wallpaper for your desktop or illustration for your blog the free images is the best place.

This website gives a facility to share your photos with associated designers. Free images is a friendly community of photography devotees who openhandedly offer their works to those who need them free of charge.

If you have some nice photos that you would like to share with others, try it! Not only it feels great to share, you will also get a huge experience for your work.



imcreator free stock images

This is a curated collection of royalty free stock photos for commercial use. Under this site, you can get Photograph collections consist of Business, People, Technology, Food & Drinks, Objects & Items, Ambient, and Occupations and much more.

This not only provides a verity of the collection but addition very fine and high-quality photographs are the best feature of this site. There are lots of free landing page templates and icons. IM-Creator is actually IM Free title is a solution for generating and reproducing websites.


rawpixel images

Raw pixel is the world foremost inventor of standard pictures, but this website needs one more thing that Their team of artists wants to connect with you to share ideas, cooperate, and motivate each other to drive our expertise forward.

In general reality all images are free to use, you must make a happy response to the owner of the website which is not hard.


unsplash photos free

One another great piece of the site for picking royalty free stock photos for commercial use is Unsplash. It has greater pictures that can use for any design needs. The sightsee feature of Unsplash makes it cooler to find the appropriate pictures for several project wishes.

You can like the images which you like to show some gratitude for the photographer so it is so wonderful. This website adds 7 new photos every week to their website.

Stocks snap

stocksnap roelty free

Stock snap is a wonderful website with a huge collection of beautiful pictures under free copyright limitations. announcement for images under the Creative Commons license so you can download the images without a worry.

All the images or pictures are free and you can use it for commercial purpose. N only a greater collection but, this website has the photos with large resolutions.


photogen rolety free images

The photogen owner says “he has worked with images all my working life since training as a camera operator at 16 years of age. This site provides royalty free stock photos for commercial use.  So this is another great place to get royalty free stock photos for commercial use

Hope so you all are happy and like this article. like my facebook page joins our community and subscribe our Youtube channel. also, give us a healthy feedback through comment.

About My Aktion

Aksa Sahi I am a web developer and SEO expert and also an Economist, I earned the degree of (Hons) in Agricultural and resource Economics from the University of Agriculture Faisalabad in 2013. Exploring the World of Technology and traveling the adventure place is my passion working as a teacher and as a freelance web developer. I love to explore the world of IT.

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