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Monday , March 19 2018

How to Make Money With Profitable YouTube Niches YT Money

Maybe you ever know that the YouTube is one another best platform to make money online after blogging. Those People who want to make money online they may have a thought about creating YouTube channel to earn money through the internet As I am a blogger but I accepted that The YouTube is powerful source to get money because I have seen many people are earning Thousands of Dollars in a month just by creating few videos under a profitable YouTube niches. And it’s really awesome and great and also quite easy then blogging but actually, it is not too easy to underestimate that you can get lots of money with little effort.

Under this Profitable YouTube Niches tutorial, I will show you round about all best ways to find Profitable YouTube Niches and also shows 402 suggestion related Profitable YouTube Niches but Before moving profitable YouTube niches for YouTube channel I would like to show you certain thing that is Whizzes and Scams to use YouTube as a source of income.


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  • It is Free To Create YouTube Channel
  • Google AdSense approval for YouTube channels.
  • YouTube helps to get your face in front of many viewers as result you will be more famous.
  • The amount that YouTube really high amount as your video crosses sales.
  • One another Whizzed that YouTube offer paid reviews to earn some extra money.
  • YouTube Videos easy to rank.
  • As YouTube offer face impression that makes you famous


  • High skills like video creating editing, directing and more to get your video shine on YouTube.
  • You have to be so careful while creating videos to avoid a permanent ban on your channel.
  • YouTube only permits original material hence you have been so creating to create your own original videos.
  • It takes many days or months to creating and editing your one video so providing daily video to your subscribers is always a hard work.


More Related Topics


Today our topic to discuss is: “420 Profitable YouTube Niches ideas for YouTube Channel to generate income.” As I already mention YouTube is the most popular video streaming web portal owned by Google. Daily millions of videos uploaded by millions of users to YouTube. And almost all over the world, these videos are being watched again and again. So it is a great opportunity to create a YouTube channel and start work from at your home with almost zero investment. When we are going to create a free YouTube channel the first technical thing is Profitable YouTube Niches because if you have a Profitable YouTube Niches then you grebe high traffic and earn a lot of money within the short period of time.

Let Start to Discuss Top Profitable YouTube Niches

How to Make Money with Profitable YouTube Niches YT Money

Selecting a Profitable YouTube Niches to start a channel always the hardest job that is why you have to pay a lot of attention and much time to think because a niche will be used to stand your business. This job will be quite easier for you to Profitable YouTube Niches if Top most and best Profitable YouTube Niches are shown in front of you and then you can choose your niche from them more accurately. There is no need to search anywhere to find a topic for your channel and here we will show you top-ranking YouTube niches for your business. So to get qualified work start reading carefully and also watch my video tutorial related Profitable YouTube Niches.

Profitable YouTube Niches Under A High Search Keywords

So first you must remember the YouTube Niches that you are going to choose must be a keyword. I will show you later in this article how do you find a sharply ranked and search engine optimized keyword. Let’s first discuss Profitable YouTube Niches.


Profitable YouTube Niches based under the technology

Technology is the no. one choice particularly if you are Technology lover. Basically, the Technology keyword covers lots of topics almost every type of video related to electronic gadgets but I suggest if you can make your channel more famous then your attention on any one type of videos particularly according to your skill. As you can see nowadays new technologies launched day by day around the whole world so you cannot cover every new Tec so choose one of them like you can choose smartphones as your topic for videos then you can try to review every newly launched smartphone with your own hands. Nowadays almost each and every person like to know the new features of newly launched Phone so you can make it your YouTube channel niche. Here are some more

Profitable YouTube Niches based under the technology subject.

  • laptop computer
  • renewable energy technology
  • Latest gadgets
  • Windows
  • Tech for life
  • Gadget Reviews
  • What’s next in technology?
  • Big tech launches
  • Tech for fun


Science Information

Science Information

The next best Profitable YouTube Niches for you can be science, like technology science is also growing day by day and you can get many views on your videos if your video is giving knowledge to viewers and sharing some fascinating facts about science. Here is an example channel on YouTube named as AsapSCIENCE.  As you can see this channel is sharing those questions and knowledge that everyone wants to know. So such type of channel will be a Profitable YouTube channel. Here are some other topics.

  • Scientific equipment
  • Space science
  • Big bang theory
  • Biology, physics, chemistry


Top 5, 10, 20, 100, 420

top 10 niches

Under the climate of videos particularly with YouTube, you can see the top listing or top 5 top 10 things becomes a trend nowadays. As it is looking more attractive rather than a simple list. In this way, you can get more audience rather than a simple heading, such as if you make a title top 10 ways to make a thumbnail rather than how to create a thumbnail officially you grebe huge traffic because that is a more attractive attraction.

Under this, you can put any type of video it is not necessary to get a particular type of video so it is another big benefit to making a top 10, top 100 type YouTube channels.

Games Tip and Tricks

games nich

If you have a gaming skill then it is great because the gaming channel getting greater attention nowadays. The game is not just a topic if you have love to play games then it will be getting more interesting to you as the game is a game and everyone like to play a game. Many time if. Anyone get caught in any mission or level and con not crosses that level I am sure he will go to YouTube to watch the video of that mission to clear it. If you are good in any computer game like GTA, Call of Duty or any other then you can simply record your Gameplay of a mission when playing it. If you are going to create a channel about game tutorials then always focus on one game and cover every guide of that game in your channel.

  • Latest tips and hacks about games.
  • Reviews on different games
  • How games actually play?
  • Games cheat sheet
  • Free Download games
  • How to play games
  • Games and Fun


How to Guides Tutorials

how to niche

If you have a little knowledge of lots of techniques then you have an opportunity to create a profitable YouTube channel under how to guide niche. To talk on a topic in which you have been delivering same knowledge will be very helpful. More and more people will be attracted to get free tutorials. Let see some more related profitable niches

  • Tutorials on any skill
  • How to use software
  • Guide to your daily life
  • Use of Life Hack
  • Solution to any problem.
  • Tutorials on any language
  • Tips and tricks
  • How to do
  • How it works


Funny Topics

funny niches

You can create a Profitable YouTube Niches to show funny videos that make everyone laugh. It can be used to distribute happiness people just love to view these blogs and share with other friends. I hope if you create a funny topic YouTube Niche you will enjoy. Here are some more funny topics related keywords

  • Funny Pranks
  • Great Funny Mistakes
  • Funny Accidents
  • Cartoon Characters
  • Funny Talk shows
  • Jokes


Download Paid Stuff Free

You can offer anything free that will be paid. Everyone want to get the free thing like games, software’s, tutorials. If you have a knowledge of cracking then you can make YouTube videos for free software’s, games etc. but if you don o not know about it, you can learn all these through YouTube and then make your own videos and get money. Here I am giving you some hint that is related to this heading

  • Software, games, apps
  • Premium stuff giveaway


Images Compilation

This is one another awesome profitable YouTube niche that is highly searching you can create your channel under different image compilation such as:

  • Wallpapers compilation in best categories
  • Pictures of nature compilation
  • Any celebrity pics which may goes viral
  • Beautiful place images compilation
  • Beautiful scene of nature picture compilation

You can also choose some other highly profitable YouTube niches according to your interest like here I am now just insisting all other:

Profitable YouTube niches ideas evergreen to make money online with youtub

  • Political videos for any country (mostly your own)
  • National strengths and weaknesses
  • Country economics resources anything like that
  • Highlight injustice, cruelty, and poverty
  • Suggestions to get rid of these evils
  • Tips to stay away from these bad habits
  • How powerful a country is
  •  Insurance, Business, Marketing:
  • Health, Fitness, and Diet
  • How to create healthy environment
  • Medical tips for sound health
  • Body building stuff, helping material
  • Pro-business tips to grow well
  • How to have a healthy meal
  • Best insurance plan for children
  • Best insurance policy Company
  • Education, study tips
  • Weight loss tips
  • Education help for better career suggestion
  • Fashion News, Trend, Upcoming:
  • Beauty Tips
  • Beauty tips for women and men
  • Movies News, Short Clips, movie starts:
  • Travel guide
  • Guide for those people who want to visit beautiful places means tourists guide.
  • All about fashion world
  • All about film industry


Tips To Make A Profitable YouTube Niches Keyword

Ok now hope so you have a list and find a great Profitable YouTube Niches and select one other according to your interest and field of expertise. Now the next important thing is to use a highly searchable keyword with the lowest competition and for this, you have to learn this article completely. After that, you will be a full grip to choose Profitable YouTube Niches and start your business.

Select A Common Topic

I mention it before must try to cover a single keyword and make a full grip into that keyword, let see just like you have to choose a gaming channel ten I suggest choose one game that is highly rated. You can choose GTA as it is a famous game nowadays. You can see there are keen channels that have hundreds of thousands of subscribers that only cover one game search Minecraft, Clash of Clans, Call of Duty, and the list goes on. These channels provide gameplay, commentary, and tips of just one game and grebe lots of visitors.

Describe Your Channel In One Sentence

Focus on the channel name, and think is it describe your channel story if yes then it will be a famous channel ever. So try to describe your channel name as a whole channel. Here is an example MyAktiON technology – a hub of actionable technology tutorials you can visit this channel.

Regular and Unique

Your videos must unique and make a difference, to distinguish your channel with others and There are lots of channel having the same stuff as you so it is too important to make unique videos and also upload your video regular basis because YouTube gives high preference to those channels who upload frees content and regular content.

Hope so you all are happy and like this article. like my facebook page joins our community and subscribe our Youtube channel. also give us a healthy feedback through comment. Visit for more and more Tutorials ad feel free to ask question or comment below for a healthy feedback thanks.

About My Aktion

Aksa Sahi I am a web developer and SEO expert and also an Economist, I earned the degree of (Hons) in Agricultural and resource Economics from the University of Agriculture Faisalabad in 2013. Exploring the World of Technology and traveling the adventure place is my passion working as a teacher and as a freelance web developer. I love to explore the world of IT.


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