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Monday , October 23 2017


Present Perfect Tense

The present perfect is used express an action that we began in the past and that is completed in the present.

Note: If the subject is singular then we use has, if the subject is plural then use have.

Vide Tutorial Present Perfect Tenses

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Construction Present Perfect Simple Tense

Subject + has/have + verb3rd form + object

For example

  • You have taken tea.
  • The sun has risen.
  • We have given our word.
  • I have bought this book today.
  • our annual examination has finished.
  • The army has captured the fort.
  • We have fired the gun.



Present Perfect Tense Examples & Exercises Lesson 4 – English grammar


Exercise (Correct the Present Perfect Simple Sentences)

  1. They have not searched for the lost child.
  2. You have accepting my application.
  3. The court has not considered the request of the accused.
  4. He has trusting his wife.
  5. The watchman have done his duty.
  6. All the guests have not arriving.
  7. The players has  not been served with cold drink.
  8. The successful candidates had not been awarded certificates.
  9. Good players had been encouraged.
  10. Our friend have consulted us.

Construction of Present Perfect Negative Tense

Subject + has not/ have not +verb3rdform +object

For example         

  • You have not taken rest.
  • They have not bought mangoes.
  • He has not broken terms with me.
  • I have not win the prize.
  • The police has not caught him red-handed.
  • The soldier has not obeyed his officer.
  • Our army has not retreated.
  • The enemy has not laid down the arms.

Exercise (Correct the Present Perfect Negative Tense)

  1. They has been not searched for the lost child.
  2. You had not accepting my application.
  3. He had trusted his wife.
  4. They watchman have not done his duty.
  5. All the guests have arriving.
  6. The players have not been served with cold drinks.
  7. The girls having not laid the table.
  8. The soldier hav not obeyed his officer.
  9. Our friends have none consulted us.
  10. My friends have not let me go.


Construction for Present Perfect Interrogative Tenses

Has/have +subject +verb3rdform + object

Note: Put question mark “?” at the end of a sentence.

For example

  • Has the rainy season set in?
  • Have I done my duty?
  • Who has seen the wind?
  • Have they taken the examination?
  • Have you proven our claim?
  • Has he left the village forever?
  • Has water frozen in the lake?


Exercise (Correct the Present Perfect Interrogative Tense)

  1. had you won the game?
  2. Have you companions run away?
  3. Has Aslam recovering his many?
  4. had water frozen in the lake?
  5. Why had you resigned?
  6. He has  looked the gun?
  7. Have where you kept the money?
  8. Has he lefting the village forever?
  9. Have we proveing our claim?
  10. You Have won the prize?


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