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Monday , October 23 2017


Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Present Perfect Continuous tense express an action begun in the past and sill continuing in present.

For example

  • He has been reading this book since ten o’ clock.
  • This sentence means that he started reading the book at lo’ o clock and was reading it at the time of speaking.
  • Limited time :- tow o’ clock, morning, nun, evening, Sunday, January, 1980 march, 13 march 1969, 10 November 1967 etc, for limited time we use since.
  • Unlimited time:- one hours, two hours etc, two days, 10 days etc, four menthes, six menthes etc, for unlimited time we use for.

Vide Tutorial Present Perfect Continuous Tense


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Construction of Present Perfect Continuous simple sentence

Subject + has been/have been +verb first form + ing + object

For example of Present Perfect Continuous Simple Tenses

  1. She has been studying for two hours.
  2. I have been doing sums since morning.


Exercise (Correct present perfect continuous simple sentences)

Akbar has learning tables for several hours. (2) You have been writing letters to your friends for 6 O’ clock. (3) The patient had been crying for ten minutes. (4) The doctor had been examining the patient for two hours. (5) The watchman has been keep watch since five hours. (6) You have sharpening the knife for five minutes. (7) The engineers had been making the bridge for two months. (8) The draftsman has draw building map for one week. (9) The players has been making preparation to play match for several days. (10) I had been repairing T.V since Wednesday.

Present Perfect Continuous Tense complete Lesson 05 – English Grammar

Construction of Present Perfect Continuous Negative Tenses

Subject + has not been/have not been +verb first form +ing +object.

For example

  1. You have not been coming to school since Sunday.
  2. Tailor has not been sewing my coat since morning.

Exercise (Correct Present Perfect Continuous Negative Sentences)

It had not been raining since yesterday. (2) The frogs have not been croaking in the pond for evening. (3) We have not been believed in rumors for April. (4) This man has not been cutting the grass morning. (5) Farmer had not been buying a new tractor since several months. (6) Ashram He not been telling a lie since twenty days. (7) I have been not  writing a new novel since dismember. (8) My friends have been not sending gifts science several years. (9) The hens had not been laying eggs since tune. 

Construction of Present Perfect Continuous interrogative Tense

Has/have + subject + been + verb first form + ing +object.

Exercise (Correct Present Perfect Continuous Interrogative Sentences)

Has been it running since evening? (2) Has the crowd been rais slogans since noon? (3) Why had the children been spoiling books since morning? (4) In which factory had my brother been working since 11th instant? (5) Has he been reading the novel since twenty minutes? (6) Where have been the laborers working for five hours? (7) Road has which the road-roller been repairing for two days? (8) Has the musicians been singing songs since Tuesday? (9) Since when has the gardener been planting new trees? (10) Why had the shopkeepers been decorating shops for three days?

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