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Monday , October 23 2017


Present Continuous Tense

Present continuous tense is used to express an action that is going on at the time of speaking such as

  • I am writing.
  • I am feeling sleepy.
  • Construction of simple sentence.

Vide Tutorial Present Continuous Tenses


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Present Continuous Simple

Subject + is/are/am + verb first form +ing + object

Note: Is Use with He, she and It. Are use with We, You and They. and  Am, use with I.

For example

  • I am going to school.
  • You are playing.
  • He is coming to see me.
  • I am taking rest at this time.
  • The Government is opening new schools.
  • Bala is harvesting wheat.
  • Smoke is rising out of a heart.

Exercise (Correct Present continuous Simple Sentences)

  1. It is drizzling.
  2. Persian wheel is working.
  3. I am tak rest at this time.
  4. Smoke are rising out of the heart.
  5. We are collect old coins.
  6. I am feeling dizzy.
  7. You is saying goodbye to your friend.
  8. He is diving  the river into.
  9. The children is making much noise.
  10. Pakistan is mak progress by leaps and bound.

Present Continuous Tense with Exercise Tutorial 03 – English Grammar

Construction of Present continuous Negative Sentence

Subject + is/are/am + not + verb first from + ing +object.

For example

  • I am not feeling sleepy.
  • They are not making mistake.
  • This office is not neglecting his duties.
  • The woman is not working on grinding stone.
  • Boys are not drinking sugar-cane juice.

Exercise (correct Present continuous Negative Sentences)

  1. You are not givin me your address.
  2. The Governor are not presiding over the meeting.
  3. He is working honesty.
  4. You am not criticizing my opinion.
  5. This officer is non neglecting his duties.
  6. The laborers’ are do shirking work.
  7. We are not smeled the flowers.
  8. He girls are dozing in the class.
  9. The boys are not drink the juice.
  10. He am not repenting of his sin.


Construction for Present continuous interrogative

Is/are/am + subject + verb first from +ing + object.

For example

  • Am I combing my hair?
  • Are they going to school?
  • Is she telling a lie?
  • How many people are sharing this business?
  • Who is knocking the door?
  • Which magazine are you studying?
  • Is the shopkeeper overcharging the customer?

Exercise ( Correct Present continuous Interrogative Sentences)

  1. Are the moon appearing?
  2. Is the bad boys throw stones at the buses?
  3. Are the laborious digg the earth?
  4. Why am you selling your house?
  5. Is Bashir buy a new motorcycle?
  6. Where is the women washing clothes?
  7. How many people am sharing this business?
  8. You much are how withdrawing from the bank?
  9. Who are inviting me to dinner?
  10. Are where  the poor refugees going?


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