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Monday , October 23 2017


What is Past Perfect Tense

The past perfect tense describes an action completed before a certain moment in the past as.

I met him in New Delhi in 1996.

Construction for a simple sentence.

Vide Tutorial Past Perfect Tense


Past Perfect Tense (Simple)


Subject + had + verb 3rd from + object

Past Perfect Tense Simple (Examples)

  • I had already written a letter.
  • Ali had taken bath.
  • I had drinks water.
  • they had eaten food.
  • Sikander had like the black bike

Correct The Past Perfect Simple Tense (Exercise)

The guest had gone. (2) The sun had set. (3) He had looked the house. (4) Many farmers had harvested. (5) The patient had taken medicine. (6) The shopkeepers had classed their shops. (7) Are They broken the cup? (8) Have They finished their school work? (9) They had not eaten food. (10) They had not drunk water.

past perfect tense

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Past Perfect Tense Interrogative


Had + subject + verb 3rd from + object.

Past Perfect Interrogative Tense (examples)

  • Had you gone with a boat?
  • Had you finished ignored?
  • Had they broken the wall?
  • Had he spoken English?
  • had she taller than you?
  • had we gone Pakistan?

Past Perfect Interrogative Tense (Exercise)

Had your brother not passed this examination? (2) The had wounded died? (3) Has Ali gone to school? (4) had the sun not set? (5) had the children not seen a lion? (7) The people not had caught them? (8) Had his father not died? (9) They had returned the home? (10)You had finished this book?

Past Perfect Tense Negative


Subject + had not + verb 3rd from + object.

Past Perfect Interrogative Negative (Examples)

  • The patent had not taken medicine.
  • Many farmers had not harvested.
  • They had not eaten mangoes.
  • WE had not drunk water.
  • Alik had not prepared their lesson.
  • you had not finished your homework.
  • She had not cooked food.

Correct The Past Perfect Negative (Exercise)

He had  boarded the train. (2) had You not a student of the history. (3) We  not had seen such a dangerous snake before. (4) He had not saved much money. (5) None  gone had out of school. (6) You had not had decorated the house. (7)  Had the hunter not spread the net. (8) The had sun not set. (9) They never had seen such an attraction sight.

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