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Monday , October 23 2017


The Past Indefinite Tense

The Past Indefinite Tense expresses an action that was begun and completed in the past. It absolutely all references to the present time.

Vide Tutorial Past Indefinite Tense


Example of Past Indefinite Tense

Columbus discovered America in 1492.

In this sentence, the action of discovering America was begun and completed in the past. Therefore the past tense is required and we can say it is a Past Indefinite Tense. here are some examples belongs to Past Indefinite Tense.

  • He ate an apple.
  • She ate bread.
  • I wrote a letter.
  • He steeled your ring.
  • Did you eat a mango.
  • Did she help you.
  • I did not write a letter.
  • We did not go to school.
  • We did not  weep.


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Construction of Simple Past Indefinite Tense (Simple)


Subject + verb 2nd form + object

For example (Past Indefinite Simple Tense)

  • He ate an apple.
  • They went to school.
  • I wrote a letter.

Exercise (make Past Indefinite simple Tense)

  1. The people not held a meeting in a garden.
  2. The laborers take out a procession.
  3. The student rais slogans.
  4. The clerks had went on strike.
  5. We are wanted to you.
  6. They have acted upon our advice.
  7. I receive your letter.
  8. The teacher punish the student.
  9. The headmaster has finds the naughty boy.
  10. You look after my brother.


Construction of Past Indefinite NegativeTense (Negative)


Subject + did not + verb first form + object

Example of Past Indefinite Negative Tense

  1. She did not write a letter.
  2. I did not help the beggar.

Make Past Indefinite Negative Tense (Exercise )

  1. He did not mind your bitter words.
  2. They did not stand by their friends.
  3. Majid did not bring his younger brother up.
  4. We did not visit all the historical buildings.
  5. You did not read my letter.
  6. My brother did not say my goodbye at the railway station.
  7. They did not welcome me.
  8. I did not send a letter to my father.
  9. I did not go to school.
  10. Construction of interrogative.


Construction of Past Indefinite Interrogative Tense (Interrogative)


Did + subject + verb first form + object

Example of Past Indefinite Interrogative Tense

  • Did you eat food?
  • Did he learn his lesson?


Make Past Indefinite Interrogative Tense (Exercise )

  1. Did your brother lend you a hand?
  2. Where did you see the mad dog?
  3. How did they welcome?
  4. Who swept the room?
  5. Are the noble woman bring the orphan up?
  6. Did the doctor operate upon the patient?
  7. Is you look after my father?
  8. Did the teacher punish the student?
  9. Are the clerks go on the strike?
  10. Did you love your homeland?


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