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Monday , October 23 2017


future continuous tense exercises with answers

Future Continuous Tenses is used to express a continued or an ongoing action in future. For example, “He will be waiting for you tomorrow”, it delivers ongoing nature of an action (waiting) which will occur in future. Here I will explain future continuous tense exercises with answers, s get ready. We already discuss ...

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Development Economics vs Economics Development

difference between economic growth and economic development in points

There are different economic schools of thought that gives different thoughts to understand Economics. Under this, Article we will discuss the difference between economic growth and economic development. For the study of the difference between economic growth and economic development we first look at the basic economic concepts. That belongs to ...

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What Is Future Indefinite Tense Lesson 10

Future Indefinite Tense class 10

There are different types of tenses and the future indefinite tense can be complicated for students to learn English. This is because there are different methods to express future indefinite tense in English. Unlike the past Indefinite, as well as present indefinite which has one basic form, the future indefinite tense ...

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Basic Economic Concepts and Theories

concepts of economics

Basic economic concepts and theories are too important to understand what economics is and how it works. The Council for Economic Education (CfEE) has amassed a list of the 51 key basics of economics concepts. common. And they are common into all for high school classes in economics. But it is quite hard ...

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