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Monday , February 20 2017


Islamic divorce

INTRODUCTION     The marriage is dissolve by the way of divorce in Islamic law as any husband may divorce his wife whenever he want, without assigning any reason at the mere whim or caprice. Although it is regarded a very unhappy aspect of the marriage relationship in Islamic divorce ...

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Rules and Regulation of Marriage In Islam

marriage in islam

Introducation          In the Islamic law marriage (Nikkah) is define as a contract between men and women for the purpose of legalizing sexual intercourse, the legitimation of children and the regulation of social life. By the Muslim jurist the Nikkah is a civil contract and a religious ...

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Briefly Explain the Sources of Islamic Law


Introduction. Basically, the primary source of Islamic law is are Quran, The Sunnah, The Ijma and The Qiyas. The Secondary sources are Istehsan, Istislah, Ijtihad, and Taqlid. A custom that make a mid-way between the primary and secondary law so it also be a source of law in Islam. How ...

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