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Monday , February 20 2017

How on page optimization will be perfect in 2016 (complete guide)

What is SEO (search engine optimization?)

on page optimization

    When we talk about the rank of the website or blog we defiantly divert into another word that is called SEO, here two question arise, what is SEO? And how we take work with it, is quite common.

 SEO stand for search engine optimization, it work with different stage of your blog/website page because SEO actually help you to increase the page rank of your web pages or overall website/blog. And the second question, how we work with it?  many people known the answer and already using different SEO technique but a lot of new people dos not have a complete guide related on page optimization, and with the changing the environment of Google search engine I am trying to explain some seo strategy  briefly but in smart way.

Tow factor play main role in Search engine optimization, the on page optimization and the second on is the off page optimization. In this topic I explain some best technique in on page optimization. It is not hard and fast rule that I am writing all the technique but I have a good and massive technique and here I am going to share with all of you and I am sure if any one follow these seo technique get massive organic traffic on their pages. Include these seo Technique and get success in on page SEO.

Meaning of the on page optimization

   All the technique that you can apply into the single web page or with whole website pages that is important to get high standard in web business and achieve high rank in search engine easily like Google, yahoo, Bing, Yandex are said to be on page optimization. On page optimization have 40 % contribution to rank your page in first page even top of the first page of the search engine. On page optimization is in the hand of the administrator of the website, and it is not too difficult to done, a little effort and some good technique are enough for getting high rank on page SEO. Due to the changing environment of the Google search engine, a highly well quality content are required for batter result. So on page optimization have much important factor in the web pages ranking in 2016.

Meaning of the off page optimization

   All the things that done off side of your website to get high rank in search engine is said to be off page SEO, there are many off page optimization technique such as, submit Url in to free website submission directories, get backlinks through high PR backlinks blogs, quality backlinks forum posting sites, social bookmarking and many more fall in to off page SEO technique.

On page optimization success factors in 2016

   As the target of this seo tutorial is on page optimization so here I explain some smart on page optimization technique, which are really effective in 2016 seo technique.

Title tag & dynamic keyword insertion

  Every page have its unique and single  title in whole website so the title of the blog post are much important in on page optimization,  strong title of the page attract the reader and divert in to your blog. The need of massive page title is important because it give a central idea of your post and show what are you explaining in your writing such as when I am going to write about the page seo or back links of the pages, I give tittle such as “the backlink checkeror backlinkwatch” rather than blog meaning or what is blogger or any other unrelated topic.

such as

page heading

Meta tags use as key word in search engine

   You can putt unique Meta keyword or Meta tag in your article that are closely related with your topic or it may explain your article in unique manner, you can put these meta tag key word into the end of the page or may be in to the summery of the topic. The best way is to describe your article summery with unique and massive mate tag which are closely related to the title of the page such as if you are going to writing about the famous scientist of the world you can summaries it with the name of the scientist like Issac Newton, James watt, Alessandro Volta, Joseph Henry etc.

meta tagsHere is the Google search engine official announcement related with Meta tags

Permalink are look like the home address

The words shown after the name of domain are said to be he permalink of the page such as




Here the words “methods-need-to-make-money-on-internet” are the Parma link of this web page. The permalink or a URL of the web page is the most important and first thing that the search engine use to determine the worth of the page or your writing so in on page optimization there must be a key eye on the permalink structure and key words, you should aligning the Url according to the post title and key word. The permalink must be short and descriptive as much short the URL get high preference in search engine.

best permalink

It must be free from symbols, special characters, commas, brackets and any other unnecessary words.

Try to  put three world after the domain name of the page because Google search engine some ignore long Url so try to make it short like

permalink keywords

 Put Meta description in all in one seo pack

   Meta description are the key word that is relevant to the topic of your page and they are added on the page content, which is work as an on page optimization. All the key words used as a Meta description must be unique and most near in the page title of the post. I am using a Word Press plugin for the purpose of seo description named all in one seo pack, and it is a best tool for Appling Meta description in on page optimization The use of meta description in the page have a limit of 160 character and these character are with spaces, you can write a summery by the uses of high PCR key words and put it in to the meta tag option below to the post in all in one SEO description section.

Here is a screen short of a page all in one seo in which I mention how to put seo Meta description

meta tag and meta description

Page layout for good on page optimization

   The format or page layout is also an important thing in on page optimization just like website structure, many people does not give it much importance but I think it is important like all other technique. Use a good and eye attracting font style, fount size, and fount color, high light the important words, underline the headings, you should Italic the key word that is used in your page content , add picture or tables according to the page title for batter attraction and also make a unique page view for batter result. All these thing give an effective result regarding search engine optimization.

Make a good looking   page layout with a handsome writing content.

Placement of H1 tags in the content

   Different heeding’s size are used in HTML 5, these are six in number starting from H1 tag and the last on is H6 tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6).


 These tags are categorized into the size of the fount, H1 tag is the highest tag used in on page seo. It have much important regarding on page seo, search engine Google , Bing and all other judge your page through the H1 tag, so the use of H 1 tag have much important in on page seo.

Here I explain one another factor related with on page seo, the topic of the content automatically get H 1 tag in WordPress as the use of H1 tag in to the content just in once for good on page optimization so do not apply H1 tag in to your content again because it is already used in to the topic heading tags.

H 1 tag automatically in this place

h 1 heading tag

Placement of H2 and other tag seo trick

   I am going to explain H 2 tag in to another heading because it also have a unique place in on page optimization. The second heading size is belong to H 2 heading and it is important one after the H1 tag, it is use in the page content, for batter on page optimization use H 2 heading at once in to the page with a worth full key word, (place Title keyword as H 2 heading) similarly the H 3 heading have a worth after H 2 heading, use H 3 heading for next special key word. For unique and batter on page optimization use these heading at once in the page, because Google search engine do not give worth for repetition of heading into the page.

Optimize image for batter page layout & visual style

   The image into the content have although great important in on page seo, it give an attractive visual look to the page and also give more back link because many people search images related with different topics and if you had a worth full and well optimized image into the content Google divert the image click in to your blog post. So the image into the page is much important, try to add more than one images but one is necessary. For get a smart result use a unique image name and use a unique Alt text and image description into the image option.

alt text

Alt tag value in on page optimization

   As I used the word of Alt text in to the above paragraph here I am going to explain it, Alt text mean the alternative text for the image as the Google does not read the image, Google read only text and rank your page on the basis of that text so the Alt text is use for the Google search or any other search engine. Use a worth full alt text and also use a powerful description below the Alt text in to the image section, you should use the main key words in this section also.alt tag use 

Analyze Page Speed generate high performance

   Since the 2011 Google give quit important to the speed of the page, as much less time is required for loading your page as grater the rank of the page. User can not like to wait to loud the page they jump into another related page in few second so for the batter user satisfaction Google consider it quit important.

You can check website page speed it is a relay able resource

Go to the below link

page speed

type the domain name and click ANALYZE

  • You can minimize loading time of the page Appling these technique
  • Use less pixel image particularly use PNG image format
  • Do not use huge picture into your website
  • Use a relay able hosting company having good speed
  • Do not embed a lot of videos
  • Use a batter data packages according to your company need because over loaded work decrease the speed of the blog.

Role of Internal linking seo in on page optimization

   Use of the other links into the page content is said to be internal linking. Linking other pages of your site is most useful technique, and in this way people not only explore your other website pages easily but also give another way to ensure crawling other pages of your website. Internal linking is used through different techniques it can be linked with the page content related with other topics such as

internal linking

 and also added in the end of the page as other reading guide such as :

internal linking image

This technique is get more worth when used with a batter way, you can put other keyword into your content related to the content that you are writing and attach a link of other page, so people jump in to other pages when they are in current page rater then searching it again .

Keyword density

   Although use of relevant keyword throughout you page is important technique used in on page seo, as it help the search engine to select what is your page content about? But the repetition of keyword does not exceed a given limit. You can use keyword up to 3 % of your page content words for best result. But if the word is grater then this limit do not worry, you can use the treasure of the word in this way the meaning of your sentence does not change but risk regarding to high key word limit must be secure or may be finish.

keyword density

Use this formula to calculate keyword density into the page

{ (Nkr/Tkn) * 100 } as the Nkr is how many time you repeated a specific key word and the Tkn is the total word in the finalized text for example if you have an essay in 500 words and the specific keyword is repeated in 15 time then 15/500 * 100 equal to 3 percent.

How much Word count should my blog post be?

   Google search engine give high importance for a post have a comprehensive number of words not only in quantity but also in quality, you can see other blog post related your page and analyze the page count. I suggest you to write minimum 1000 word count per post for high rank in search engine because it is quite common to write 800 to 1000 words. If you are writing and explaining each and every topic related your page topic I am sure it will be gain a comprehensive strength.

content length seo

Use of social media plugins

Social media websites are most popular in the word more than 70 % internet user daily open these sites particularly Facebook so put social media button into the blog page such as , Google +, Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, Dozens, tumbler, Instagram, flicker and many more. You can add these social media button at the end of the page or may be a floating button I con. You can use social media plug in in WordPress such as shareHolic plugin.

social media

SEO checklist (Check out all these seo tips at the end)

Title tag & dynamic keyword insertion at the top of the post

Meta tags use as key word in search engine so use Meta tag into the post

Permalink are look like the home address make a strong permalink

Put the Keyword in the 2nd or third line of the first Paragraph

Put Meta description in all in one seo pack

Meta title must be less than 65 character

Meta description must be less than 150 character

Page layout for good on page optimization is necessary

Check the Layout of the page have Italic and Bold Keyword and under line Keyword

Placement of H1 tags in the top of the content

Placement of H1 tags in the content not more than once

Placement of H2 and other tag seo trick use at once

Checkout the H2 and H3 Heading holding keyword

Add Multimedia in shape of Videos in the page post

Add Optimize image for batter page layout & visual style

Past PNG or low Size image for good result

Use strong Alt tag value in on page optimization

Insert the link of other sites have a unique status in search engine

Put other related post at the end of the page in this way you will be reduce the bounce rate

Analyze Page Speed generate high performance so check it and minimize 

Make sure  Internal linking seo in on page optimization

Keyword density must be between 1 to 3 percent

Use formula to calculate keyword density into the page { (Nkr/Tkn) * 100 }

Try to write more than 800 Word count in every blog post

Use of social media plugins

At the end of the page ask the reader to give response

 Written by A. J. Sahi 

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