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Monday , February 20 2017



As the globalization of the word through internet many people listen about online jobs, in this since many question arrives in the mind like how can anyone get money through internet? What is need to make money? What method is need to make money on internet? Is it real? Yes it is a real way to get some or a lot of money by the way of internet, here I explain briefly many good sort of way that is needed to make money in a real method. Firstly I give you the shorty about these method are too authentic and no spam method included in it.

need to make money on internet

  1. Blogging is Need to Make Money on Internet

Blogging is a platform where you can put you writing, your creation, your interest, and whatever you want or whatever you know best. As I can say that the blog is a physical thing in internet word like a shop or library or it may be a laboratory for you on the internet word where you can do many things.Islamic Divorce So it is the definition of blogging but the question is arise here how can I get money through blogging, basically it have many answer you can sell anything on your blog or you can advertise through your blog provided by any company and the company pay to you for advertisement.

  1. Google AdSense

When we talking about advertisement the first most company name come into mind is Google AdSense as it is a leading way for advertisement of your business and also give an opportunity to gain revenue through this china, the Google itself gain 90 % revenue through AdSense and if you have a website or blog you will be a part of the Google share. The need to make money on internet is an adsen account so firstly get an account and publish advertisement into your website or blog by simply copy and paste the HTML codes given by AdSense and ads are shown into blog. People come on your website and watch the ads and revenue is accumulating in your account. You will withdraw that revenue by the bank transition, PayPal or payooner and many other ways.

  1. EBey and Amazon

When we talking about selling a product the first thing come into mind is how can I sale and where can I sale it here I have a solution for you in the shape of two top leading websites who provide to you a shop to sale your product whit out any rent. In EBey and Amazon you provide your product any someone who want to purchase that customer contact with you. But if you have nothing to sale but have a skill to porches anything in low price ant sale it again in high price.In this sense I can say any product or skill is need to make money on internet through EBey and Amazon.

  1. Make Money Through Creating Videos

Here I am explaining another method that is need to make money on internet, this one is creating video. Some video streaming websites who pay you. In this sense when we are talking about video website the most popular website is YouTube, you tube paid you by advertising on your video through adsen china, you will not only paid just add clicking on you video but also paid you for video watching. It is an amazing way you just upload video on YouTube and you tube paid you.

  1. Social Media

Social media like Facebook and twitter is also a money making websites, here people make money through a fun.  one question arrive  how and what is need to make money on internet social media websites , Facebook and tweeter are leading website like the Facebook are in no 2 and the twitter in in no. 9 . Millions of people daily log in these sites and a business person show the post of different company in front of social media community ad get money. Another way is sealing your product through Facebook pages, and you also sell your pages, accounts, and Facebook application. You can also paid by someone to promote there website or business. Another lading website is pin trust with huge community is a source of income.

  1. Freelance Writing

If you have a good command in any subject or any profession, or you have a good writing skill you can get handsome amount of money through writing different article. Many blog offer jobs for writers, and many blog paid to you up to 500 $ if you write a qualitative as well as a quantitative material like, free lance blogger, gust blogger and many more. In this field a sound experience need to get money on internet as a writer.

  1. Sale your Product

By the ever  changing environment of technology different way of selling the product come into known and online shopping is one of them, people buy and sale there product through internet so it is one another  money making method. Everyone can make money through sale products or services on internet.

  1. Work at Home with Companies

The next thing that you can need to make money on internet is different companies, who provide you his facility to work at home according to your skill. These companies are paid you in different ways , some are offer data entry jobs and some offering proof reading etc., the best method that you can use direct method I mean to say you have to search directly from companies and post your curriculum vita , hope so its generate good result rather than job portal and spammer.

Here I provide top five companies sites.

  1. Design Theems are need to Make Money on Internet

As everyone see most of the website are made on WordPress, Jamaal, Drupal any many other platform, building blog in these sites are growing day by day and every blog must have a unique theme , there are many sites who provide you a free theme facility but under some or some time many restriction. On the other hand many sites provide paid theme so if you are a designer or a them developer or infect you have little knowledge about theme building provide to you a plate form that is need to earn on internet, you can build a theme and sale it up to 1000 $ depending on its worth or depending upon the theme publishing sites.

  1. Teaching Online

The internet transfer the way of education, now the need to get knowledge according the see is not necessary, any one get knowledge at home. Similarly no need to join a regular college or university to teach and get regard in form of money. Everyone make their own class rooms in different websites and get money for life time. There is no hard and fast rules are need to make money on internet, just select a topic in which you have a good command and make videos lecture or slides or many other method depending on your facility, and publish in to a famous learning site who paid you.

Here I suggest you some sites

  1. Affiliated Marketing

Affiliated marketing is another way to make reward in internet, in this section of making money a simple method is done, you simply put a  banner or it may be a link on your blog or website and the link provider companies paid you when any one clock on that link and make any deal related with a that link.

There are many companies who provide you such facilities such as flaxer offer or cj affiliated companies.

  1. Work as a Translator

If you have a good command in more than one language you can make an online work as a translator, many companies provide this type of work, like translating different books and documents and paid you. This is a best method to do a part time job, it is available offline as well as online.

  1. Sell Your Old Things

In this section of things need to make money on internet is belong to old things that are useless for you and may be a useful for any other person so any one earn by sealing their product online in different websites,  like , or etc.

  1. Sell your Creation & Generate Income

You can sale your hand made creation online, many time people make auction in website about you product and you paid by that people.

May websites provide you the facility to make an online shop for your hand made products? You just put all your creation and get reward, many people do it as a hobby and get good profit by it.

Some related sites are listing below:

  1. Photos Selling

One more thing which is need to make money on internet is photos, you can sale your photos in different sites, there are many site offering this thing such as

Instagram, and many other similar sites.

  1. Sell Websites, Domain or Apps

Anyone who is interested to build website or blogger he gain a high profit by selling the blogs, he may also sale domain name of the sites.

Many sites offer to sell your domain , apps and websites, there is no short way to get quit money it is time base business, you have to build a website and permit it on internet, high PR and highly traffic is a lot of worth and that type of website are sale in 100 thousand $ or may be more.

  1. Make Music And Earn

If you are a musician and have no job you can earn money through sealing your voice or your music to the different companies, in the internet a lot of complained buy music and paid you a handsome amount.

  1. Online Survey

Different rasher companies hire people to answering there survey project, in a little time effort any one get 1 $ to 5 $ by one survey, there are many companies who provide the work for survey some of them are given below,

  1. Fiverr is a site which is providing an opportunity to earn money by making simple project, it pay you 4 $ for each assignment that you picked from, the actual rat is 5 $ paid by the person who hire 1 $ is for the Fiverr company and 4 $ is for that person who fulfill the assignment,

You can simply make logos, visiting cards , banner or many more according to your choice and get 4 $.

  1. Forex Trading

As everyone known the money is a major need of every one to live life happily, different countries have different currency so for global trading of good and things currency is exchange and if you are living in USA you need $ for buying anything and similarly if you are in Europe you need euro so exchange of currency is much important. The Forex is a worldwide market of currency exchanging, where anyone can invest different currency and sell it when the currency rates are going up and get profit in shape of money. It is the no. one leading market of currency trading, anyone who have a knowledge of Forex trade buy any currency that he want and get profit.

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