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Monday , April 23 2018


Now a day’s technology goes advancement and people use such most powerful technology in their daily life. No doubt all these invention directly relate to human intelligence but all these do not exist throughout the life as men have a specific age. On the other hand like men cannot survive without food and proper care, all technology must need food in shape of fuel and care.

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity”

Albert Einstein (Scientist)

Why Computer Run’s Slow ?

Computer do work slow (PC speed) when you have installed lots of software or store lots of data into hard disk or it may be slow down when your PC running nonstop. The performance of PC can also be slow when it’s an old one (more than five to eight years). Age of computer contribute highly to speed down. So try to buy a fresh piece and use certain precaution to keep and make your computer fast. These thing are also relate with laptop, minicomputer or any other type. As in this article the subject is common problem and their solution of all type of PC. It will be a desktop computer, laptop computer, minicomputer or any other.

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What Make Your Computer Faster ?  

Make Your Computer Faster

Are you facing slow computer problem? It’s not a good thing, slow speed makes you bore and you will suddenly be frustrated. If you are facing such problems don’t worry don’t use thousand rupees to buy new computer, here is a powerful solution of your problem below I am showing what makes a computer fast. By following these instruction and doing some simple steps you will make your computer faster.

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So let start and keep these things in mind to make your computer faster!

NO. Tips to Make Your Computer Faster
1.         Restart your computer when it will run slowly but it is just a temporary speed up as refreshing the memory of PC.
2.         Backup your computer make computer faster   
3.         Check your hard disk space and keep it up to one third free.
4.         Uninstall all unwanted software from Laptop or PC and make your computer faster
5.         Set up a schedule and Delete automatically temporary files
6.         Install s solid state driver and keep maintain high PC speed
7.         More hard drive storage make your computer faster
8.         Prevent unnecessary starts ups
9.         Give your computer a static IP make computer faster   
10.     Change the power plane of your computer to high performance as power save reduce PC speed
11.     Install an up to date antivirus software and regularly update it
12.     Disable visual effect make computer faster   
13.     Remove unnecessary gadgets from your computer to increase PC speed
14.     Remove unused languages from your laptop or desktop PC
15.     Keep all software up to date maintain performance
16.     Stop to much program loading at start up
17.     Hovering over the dust make your computer faster
18.     You have to delete all un wanted files from your computer
19.     When you are using a pc Reboot it
20.     Bad or corrupt hard drive reduce PC speed so avoid it
21.     refresh hard drive space for good speed
22.     Background program
23.     Remove unwanted program
24.     Scan for virus at last once in a weak
25.     Always use Update Window version
26.     Update drivers will make your computer faster   
27.     Fresh and free hard disk space increase speed
28.     Increases RAM or upgrade memory is very helpful maintain or even increase high speed of your PC
29.     Upgrade hard drive of your Laptop or Desktop
30.     Overheating processor decrease PC speed care about overheating
31.     Hardware issues can also slow be a reason to low performance
32.     Old computer is also be a reason so buy a new one at least after 10 years
33.     Run disk defragment is a best way to make your computer faster
34.     Run disc cleanup make your computer faster
35.     Install antivirus such as Avast, spyware or any other one
36.     Disable visual effect of your laptop or desktop
37.     Restart your computer when it will run slowly but it is just a temporary speed up as refreshing the memory of PC.

By Using above list of tips you will be make your computer faster

You can use all of these or some of these tips to improve your computer speed and make your computer faster as much as it will be run fast. Ask me if you have any question or comment and keep visiting for more knowledgeable topics.


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Aksa Sahi I am a web developer and SEO expert and also an Economist, I earned the degree of (Hons) in Agricultural and resource Economics from the University of Agriculture Faisalabad in 2013. Exploring the World of Technology and traveling the adventure place is my passion working as a teacher and as a freelance web developer. I love to explore the world of IT.