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Monday , February 20 2017


As everyone known there is one and only one way to move any blog or any website into the top of any search engine is to build high quality ( high PR) backlinks.


The question is here how to get or how to build high quality backlinks without wasting time and money?

Well I am A. J. Sahi going to share some moving man methods with all of you, as this and all other technique that I am going to share give massive result in backlinks building methods. Before starting link building technique I think to understand some basic terms are highly important.

link building methodes

Dofollow Backlinks

Dofollow links are the hyper link on others sites who provide seo backlinks benefits. These type of links provide backlinks juice which have a lot of important. Every seo expert prefer backlinks which is dofollow, Google and all other search engine give good marks in the sense of web rank to those website had high quality dofollow links. Actually backlinks pass the link juice to the blog or website which is hyperlink. So for signifying improving into web ranking high quality i.e. high PR dofollow backlinks are necessary.

 If you are new in SEO field do not worry I provide complete guide to get high PR Dofollow backlinks which improve your blog rank within days.


No Follow Backlinks

Actually no follow links are the links does not pass the link juice to the hyperlinked blog from the website which is hyperlink is linked. We can say that nofollow sites backlinks have no SEO value. Search engine bots will crawl such links but not follow the pointed blog in the link.

Natural Backlinks

In the eye of Google search engine every link is a natural link J amazing Google panda give penalty unnatural backlinks.

I can say that the backlink build by another one on the basis of your content, it can also be a link that you had not ask for it.



Moving Man Method

In this method you can build massive high quality backlinks easily. It is a technique look like broken link building but quite different from it because in moving man methods you have to search the blog had change their name, Url, stop offering services, stop updating resources and shut down.moving man methoda

Use these three steps to get links through this technique

Find the site related with your business that have recently changed name or shutdown.

Linking to the old pages

Give them a heads up about their out dated linking

Here is a complete detail how to get backlinks through moving man technique

Steal Your Competitor’s Backlinks

One of another highly rich back linking technique is steal backlinks from your competitor’s website. By the use of different backlink checker and page rank checker tools make it quit easy. You have to amylase any keyword into Google and search out backlinks from top 10 websites and generate a list of backlinks then going through each of the link and use your sense how your competitor get backlink from that link, sometime it may be a blog post, form post, gust post or something other.

As to work through this technique you build up the list of your site backlinks it will be improved. It is the easiest method to acquire a lot of backlinks with short time.

Article Submission

article submission

However getting high quality dofollow backlinks are quite difficult because many blog have nofollow attribute. Article submission is one another method to get high quality backlinks from high PR site through submitting your original blog article into different directories, you can get one or some time more than one permanent backlink though this method. In this technique the link is giving below your article as an info so try to make a strong profile info.

Here is a high PR article submission directories list with complete guide

Logo Submission

Logo submittion

An amazing way to increase your website traffic and linkbuilding method is logo submission. If you are a designer or even have little knowledge of designing or you may know adobe photo shop, adobe css you will be design impressive logo and get powerful backlinks for your sites.

Many websites generate dofollow link for your website when you had submit an impressive and attractive logo, some sites except and some websites do not except immediately they may except after review of your logo. But it is hard.

I have a list of best do follow websites who except logo without any cost and proved you free dofollow backlinks for your blog.

Coupon Directories

Link building are not quit easy as we think, coupon directories is another source of dofollow backlinks. It is not bad you create an offer for some think in reduce price or some time without any cost it will be really effective and responsive and you create backlinks for your blog in return.

Here is a list dofollow coupon directories and complete detail how to submit.

Infographics Submission Sites


Infographics is one another impressive way to generate high quality backlinks. Now a days words are less impressive then graphics because graphics or designing attract other and it is easy to understand and also easy to share therefor demand for Infographics increase day by day so  If you have a little knowledge how to develop Infographics it is awesome on the other hand you may hire any expert to make it for you according to your choice. Try to make an impressive, interesting and unique story. Follow the current trending topics to get high traffic or high rate of backlinks.

Here is a complete guide with a list of high PR Infographics submission websites list

Reverse Image Search

Reverse image is a unique method to generate backlinks for your website through this technique you can simply use the images of your website, different websites use your site images find out those sites and make huge backlinks they are may be do follow or no follow backlinks.

Further procedure for searching and  getting backlinks.

News Announcement And Press Releases

News Announcement And Press Releases

There are many websites who give you dofollow backlinks by making a press release or news announcement. If you are a professional writer you acquire grate traffic as well as backlink through press release or news announcement. Try to release something look like a news I will give you perfect result other than anything not look like a news because it is not too easy to get traffic through news announcement but if you have a news story you will get quality backlinks more and more.

Write Testimonialswrite testimonial

Testimonials is one another white hat seo technique to get high quality backlinks from other sites. Any how big or tiny always love to boost their customer testimonials

Think you past did you buy any product online or any services, membership or anything ales online, leave a testimonials. Actually testimonials have a link to your website within them to prove the testimonial is real and company give a place to your testimonial into their website if liked. So try to make a real testimonial,


Don’t show or ask them for link

Make a testimonial looking damn real (much important)

Make no mistake you can put PR 6 or high quality website

Directories Backlinks

directory submittion

As we listen the directories backlinks dead but according to my experience it is not dead through my senior experience I had proven it and as well as I personally test it. They are working if a submission is done with a proper method.

You all can also check it into top old directories

Here is a method and list of top directories.

Broken Link Building

To create one way backlinks the no. one method is broken link method. In this method fid out broken link and contact with the webmaster, repot them about broken link and also give a suggestion to put a referral webpage with broken link and I think you are a smart one and you will be refer your website relating link, as you had a report to the webmaster about broken link he/she may give favor to you and attach your page with that broken link quite simple. So for this method let start doing these method.

Find the broken link related to your website niche by these keyword such asBROKEN LINK BUILDING METHODS

Keyword + links

Keyword + resources

Keyword + inurl: links

For example if I have technology website I will search for technology + links.

You can easily find broken links on those pages then contact with the owner or webmaster and send him a request to attach your page with broken link.

Backlinks Through Slid Sharing

Slide sharing is one of the best method to generate backlinks for your websites, in this way you can promote your business throughout words. As the website belong to you is not a high popular or it may need to get more backlinks for good reputation in the eye of search engine so you have to put your product or your lecture in high PR website who give you free backlinks.

Here is a list of high PR dofollow backlinks websites and complete detail

 Get Interviewed

get intrviewed

Interview is another source to get unique backlinks for your website or blog. In his way simply you will put forward email to get interview to experts in your niche and publish such interview into your site, increase the search result and many time expert linked there interview in their own site it Is an awesome method to generate backlinks as well as traffic of your blog

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is one of the best technique at over all. Any one get high quality back links through commenting into dofollow blogs, mostly blog not provide dofollow and they had nofollow attribute but there are many blog who provide dofollow comment system. But keep in mind it is not too easy to comment on any blog. You have to read carefully and answer there relevant question of your niche and comment a point able thing. As much your comment is perfect chance of your link popularity increase.

Classified Ads

Add posting is a method to highlight your business in front of people, now a days many sites provide an opportunity to buyer and seller to come in one place like a website. So you can post your product into different add posting site and generate backlinks as well as traffic into your website.

Here is a detail method and a list of high PR Classified ads posting sites

Social Book Marking

social media

In the global social word social media sites play a vital role to place all the word people together. There are a lot of social media site some of them provide dofollow link for your website like twitter, and they also a source of providing traffic for your business website. So you can also get benefit through social media sites to acquiring backlinks

Click for detail about social media sites and top social media sites list

Facebook Group List With Million of Active Users

Webmaster Forums


Dofollow forum which is related to your website niche are an important and free source to generate backlinks for your website. There are many forums in different niche, make account and answer the question in the glob of your expertise.

Here I explain and provide a free list of high PR dofollow forum list

Yahoo Answer


Yahoo is providing a unique method of answer question, and when we talk about backlink yahoo answer is also provide a better way to generate backlinks and improving your site backlinks. Yahoo answering is a popular method to promote your business and acquiring grate traffic and unique backlinks, many people think this method is not working now but I experienced it is still working greatly.

E Book Submission

Submit your blog article or material as an E Book into different E Book sites. Try to submit into dofollow sites who except e book and get backlinks to your site.

Pdf Submission

pdf submission

Pdf submission is one another source to generate backlinks for your blog. You can submit your blog articles in Pdf format into pdf submission sites and these sites giving back dofollow links.

Here is a list of high PR dofollow Pdf submission sites

High Quality Content

Quality of content have great important for every successful blogger, as much as you provide unique and informatics content many people come forward to your blog and may they be a regular reader of your blog. Actually everything you will put into your blog responsible to the popularity of your blog. So try to put unique and most innovative material into your blog.

Special Thanks for reading , leave comment if you want to share some thing or have any question .

About My Aktion

Aksa Sahi I am a web developer and SEO expert and also an Economist, I earned the degree of (Hons) in Agricultural and resource Economics from the University of Agriculture Faisalabad in 2013. Exploring the World of Technology and traveling the adventure place is my passion working as a teacher and as a freelance web developer. I love to explore the world of IT.

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