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Monday , March 19 2018


Hello, everyone welcomes back to MYAKTION. I am here with a new topic in free blogger learning course “Language and Formatting Settings in Blogger”

This is Blogger class 8 Blogger Language and Formatting Settings. During the series of free blogger learning tutorial course, we discuss how to create a blogger blog by AksaSahi

If you did not see the previous lesson how to create a blog in blogger, how to change blogger template, blogger basic setting.

Blogger post and comment setting and in our previous class we discussed how to change email setting in blogger. Then you can visit for a series of free blogger lesson  Or get all lesson at YouTube without any cost. Here we learn blogger Language and formatting settings so let start to discuss step by step

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Set Language and Formatting Settings in Blogger and Build an Amazing Blog

  • Sign in to Blogger
  • Select the blog to update
  • Select blog setting from drop down menu
  • In the left menu, select Settings > Posts, comments, and sharing.
  • Click Save settings

Contents of Language and formatting settings

  1. Language and Formatting
  2. Language
  • Enable transliteration
  • Language
  1. Formatting
  • Time Zone
  • Date Header Forma
  • Timestamp Format
  • Comment Timestamp Format

In this video tutorial, we will learn language and formatting.




In this option, you can select any language. I am selecting English (United States). you can select your language or language you known


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Enable Translation

Enable translation to mean translation during new post. I select unably. you can enable this if you have any other language or want your blog in another language


Vidoe Tutorial For Language and Formatting Settings in Blogger



Time zone

Select your country/city time date like I am selecting Islamabad/ Karachi. you can change your own country/city stander time zone



Data Header Format

You can choose any setting but the default setting is best. so leave it as it is but you can change this setting as you link



Timestamp Format

Here in time setting, you can change pattern (how the time shows into your site). 3:24 am is the best option according to me. Here you can also set your favorite time pattern



Comment Timestamp Format

Comment time stamp formal. Here you can choose time setting into the comment. I suggest March 8, 2015, at 3:34 am. But you can change it. this is a stander view so it is best



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