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Monday , April 23 2018


In complete HTML tutorial you can learn all about html. And her is the 1st HTML tutorial about the basic of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language).

History of Hypertext Markup Language (Html)

In the late 1980s, Time Berners- Lee invented HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) at that time he was working in CERN (European Laboratory for practical Physic in Geneva, Switzerland). Before the invention of HTML communication had been limited into plain text or discussion could be done with the help of different discussion board such as email, FTP, Usenet based discussion board. HTML use to link different research paper within one research paper such as you can jump into another page by a simple clicking into your screen page. Basically HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) derived from SGML which is a use as syntax to binding content in document.

Hypertext Markup Language HTML Introduction Class 1 – HTML Learning

Development Of Hypertext Markup Language

The official standard body for HTML is the World Wide Web which is affiliated with the IETF. From the beginning of HTML invention W3C present many version of HTML with the passage of time according to desired need. From the all version of HTML, HTML 2.0 is the baseline that all browser today. Now days we are using HTML latest version HTML5 based on basic HTML.

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Hypertext Markup Language Different Version

  • First time HTML presented just as HTML and it was use to simply put up the web pages.
  • In 1989 – 1995 the IETF (Internet engineering task force) make a standard HTML and numbered it HTML 2.0.
  • And in 1997 W3C (Word wide web consortium) further make some changing and present the next version of HTML, such as HTML 3.2.
  • In 1999 the HTML 3.2 followed by HTML 4.0 and 4.01
  • THen in 2004 WHATWG (Web Hypertext application technology working group) start working into HTML and finally present HTML5.

Watch Video Tutorial Hypertext Markup Language (Html)


What Is Hypertext Markup Language

HTML stands for hyper text markup language. It is a simple scripting language that is use to construct different web pages. The simple text into the HTML document known as HTML code, all the layout of a web page based into that codes written into a simple document.


                     Hypertext are simple text that is use to work as a link into one page and connect other pages with that link.


                     Markup language is basically a way of writing layout information in a document.

Actually the web browser opens an HTML document and uses the txt of document into layout, insert images or create links of other pages.

XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language) & HTML  (Hypertext Markup Language)

XHTML stand for EXTENSIBLE HYPETTEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE. The XHTML 1.0was created after HTML 4.01, which is use to help the transition of hypertext to a new generation of mark up languages for text.

Markup Language & Programming Language

HTML is a secretive language it is not a programming language. It is a confusing question, as  HTML does not a programming language because in a programming language data can be process and make certain decision About correct or incorrect but exception are there Hypertext Markup Language  may be a programming language according to certain view so it is quite hard to explain it but in simply we can say HTML is a secretive language use to write code and create web pages or Blogs.

Role of Hypertext Markup Language In Web Development

When anyone talk about web development three basic language are in top to develop a web page. And the Hypertext Markup Language is number one of them. So if you want to create a website you  must have an appropriate knowledge of HTML, CSS and  JavaScript. I can say that these three languages are the basic and backbone of website development and designing. When you are visiting any kind of website you will see that each and every web page come into existence with multiple codes and these codes are simply know as HTML tags. I can say without Hypertext Markup Language not a single web page  can be created.

Role of Hypertext Markup Language in Mobile and Web Application

The present version of HTML 5 have more flexible then privies version. With the improvement in technology mobile and table application also created with HTML5 or many website created in responsive web design and open into mobile devices easily. Almost all browsers are working into mobile devices and they built with the help of HTML 5. So we can say that HTML take part an important role into the development of mobile phone application.


In The light of above discussion we can say that HTML who was invented by Time Berners- Lee in 1980 is the most precious invention. With the passage of time HTML go through into different circumstances and in present form of HTML 5 is most descriptive and easy to use. HTML 5 is the basic requirement to create a web page so it is the backbone of internet.

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