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Friday , March 24 2017


In our previous lesson we learnt about the history background of AP (Adobe Photoshop) and the basic tools of adobe Photoshop (PS) use during working and in this is the second lesson how to use adobe Photoshop in this lesson I will try to cover more and more area of adobe Photoshop in short but descriptive way so let’s ready to learn how to use adobe Photoshop (PS). After these two lesson I am sure you will be empower to work with adobe Photoshop. So be active and attentive during reading these lesson.


How to use adobe Photoshop Palettes


There are more than 24 Palettes in adobe Photoshop such as layers palettes, color palettes, adjustment palettes etc. you can use all that palettes according to your work requirement. In adobe Photoshop Palettes include everything from the tool box, to the option bar, and to the layer. Palettes are showing in right side of the adobe Photoshop. It will make your work easy in a way to quick access into layers, switch mode, color mode, and add layers and many other things.

Layers in Adobe Photoshop


The layers palettes show every layers into your documents. No doubt use of layers in adobe Photoshop is more than any other function. In layer palettes you can adjust your document, set visibility and opacity of any image. You can also apply invisible to hide any single layer from your document and also merge all of them. When you will open an image in Photoshop there in only one layer in layer palettes, any change that you made will be shown into different layers such as if you apply a text effect an additional layer shell be created and so on.

Adjustment Palettes


In adobe Photoshop an adjustment palettes is a place where you can create and change or edit adjustment layers. Through this you can change color and tonal adjustment without permanent change the pixel of an image. Adjustment is use to change or set a color or combination of color for further use and you can use such adjustment into many layer without working separately. Many kid of adjustment are present in adobe Photoshop as a default and can use to perform different effect into your image.

Color Channels


All pictures are made by some primary colors the color channels shown that primary colors. As the adobe Photoshop given you different selection mode in color scheme such as RGB (Red, Green, and Blue), CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and key (black)), LAB colors and Grayscale. When you are in RGB mode color show you red, green, and black color channels separately. All the images show 56 channels and all new channels shown you the same number of pixels and dimension as the real image.

Color Picker


Through color picker palettes you can easily choose the background and foreground of an image. I think it is the easiest method to quick access into different range of color.

Color Switches


The color Switches is a place presenting different pre-defined colors and you can choose one of them according to your need, it is a quick access tool to swap into required color.

History in Adobe Photoshop


In adobe Photoshop you can alter you work anytime by h=the use of history palettes. As we know going flash back there is another command such an undo or redo then what the reason behind history palettes, actually the command undo go back you at one step in a time on the other hand you can go back much further through history like more than fifty (50) action.

Text or Character


In our previous lecture we were discussed about text tool as here we are going to explain text palettes. In text palettes you can make all type of adjustment into any text you created by the help of text tool or type tool. You can increase, decrees the size (width, height) of any text or apply different color through text palettes.

Menu in Adobe Photoshop


Like many other software adobe Photoshop also have a menu bar showing top of the adobe Photoshop, this menu bar representing different menu such as file, edit, image, layers, type select, filter, 3D, view, window and help all option are hidden under all of these menu.. All these menu had everything or all option present into the Photoshop. A detail about all that menus given below.

File In Menu Bar


Usually the file menu handles new, opening, saving, or import or closing function. In adobe Photoshop under file menu more than one saving option are shown such as save, save as and some other such as save for web, save for print etc.

Edit in PS


Edit menu carry you undo, step forward, step backward, cut, copy, past, clear, check spelling, find and replace and many other option, you can use all these option manually under different required atmosphere.

Image Menu


Image menu showing mode, adjustment, image size, canvas size, image rotation, crop, rotation and other options. Under this menu options are designed to effect the image at once or at whole but many adjustment are applied to only a single layer.

Layer Menu


In adobe Photoshop a single action acting by you into the canvas bring one new layer. Layers make your work more easy as a newly created layer work as a separate image and do not affect other image, so you can easily delete any portion of image and create more layers. Any layer menu bring you copy layer, new layer, change layer name, duplicate layer, layer adjustment. You can also create adjustment layer and small object by this menu.

Select Menu


As you can select any portion of an image by lasso or marquee tools but the select menu bring different mode to that selection. Different selection are made by this menu as the select menu lets you select, deselect, reselect, inverse layer, find layer, isolate layer or modify layers.

Filter Menu


In adobe Photoshop filter menu can sharpen, distort, blur, and can also alter your image into many different ways.

Analysis Menu

Analysis palettes lets you analysis with measurement tools.

3D Menu


3D images given more accurate look. It is an awesome feature of Photoshop. You can create 3D images by the using of adobe Photoshop more easily.

View Menu


There are different view option into view tool such as zoom in, zoom out, fit on screen, print size, screen mode and many other.

Window Menu


You can show or hide different palettes into the adobe Photoshop screen such as adjustment, brush channels, history, color, layers and many other. You can also arrange windows and plates and also save them into window preset.

Help Menu


There is a help button present almost all version of adobe Photoshop, which can be use to get any help about adobe Photoshop feature, you can make an online help through this help button. There are many option are appear when you hover over the help button in menu and click such as Photoshop online help, Photoshop support center, about Photoshop, about plug in and many more. You can choose your required help option and make batter

adobe-photoshop-(AP)-lesson- by-Aksa-SahiFirst of all I am thankful My Parents and my friends and also my teachers, who support me and help me to create such study lesson, secondly I am thankful to all reader and there feedback. if you feel any difficulty in this lesson feel free to contact with us or comment below, and keep visiting for more study material.

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