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Monday , February 20 2017

Computer Keyboard Keys and Their Functions Tips

Computer keyword is the most useable part of a computer. It is the primary input device into a laptop computer. That is why it is important to know how to use a computer keyboard. We also know about the main windows keyboard shortcuts

A computer keyboard is known as a set of typewriter-like keys that allows you to give data into a computer or any other devices. A keyboard is alike an electric typewriter but computer keywords have extra typing keys.

Keyboards is used to input letters, numbers, and other symbols into a computer that can serve as commands

A computer keyboards have 101 to 104 keys includes punctuation symbols, alphabetic characters, numbers and many other function keys

  • 104-key Windows keyboards
  • 101-key Desktop computer keyboards


How to use a computer keyboard


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The standard selection of keys typically found on computer keyboards can be classified into three categories

  • Alphanumeric keys: The standard letters and numbers.
  • Special keys: This includes the function keys, control keys
  • Punctuation keys: The comma, semicolon, period, and similar keys

There are three major kinds of keyboards



The widely used kind of keyboard is known as a ‘QWERTY’ keyboard

(Pronounced kwer-tee). QWERTY refers to the arrangement of keys on a Standard English computer keyboard or typewriter. The name derives from the first six characters on the top alphabetic line of the keyboard

By – Webopedia Staff

It was invented by C L Scholes in the 1860s when he was working out the greatest place to put the keys on a manual typewriter

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Look Functions And Think How to Use a Computer Keyboard

how to use a computer keyboard keys


To learn How to Use a Computer Keyboard or for properly using a keyboard play a very vital role in computer land. This is the central mode you will be interrelating with you and your computer.  You can really do a diversity of functions by using just the keyboard. The most highlighted use of a keyword in typing.

Here is an outline of a Desktop computer keyboard. Pointing out each of the main portions of the keyboard that are explained in further detail in the outline.

Use Of Keyboard

  • We use keyboard for typing
  • To play games we use keywords
  • We use keyword to give command to computer
  • Keyword is a medium between human and computer
  • It use to give information to personal computer
  • Computer work according to commands given through keyboard


Overview of How to Use a Computer Keyboard Different Units

Use of Function Keys

funcation keys

Each and every laptop, as well as any keyboard, comes with a set of Function Keys which provide to special functions. If you want to recognize how to use them optimally you might just enjoy using the keyboard. However, F1 through F12 have some default primary and secondary (in combination with the Fn key) features. All they can be used well in combination with keys like Ctrl and Alt. following are the function keys with their uses

  • F1 Help Click F1 Key can use the help file of the program.
  • F2 Rename Select a folder or file, click F2 to rename it.
  • F3 Search On a desktop, click F3 to load the search form.
  • F4 In Internet Explorer click F4 will list the URL Address field.
  • F5 Refresh Use it to refresh the web page in Internet Explorer.
  • F6 In Internet Explorer click F6 will jump to address bar.
  • F7 It can be used to insert C in command prompt.
  • F8 When windows startup, it can load the startup menu.
  • F9 In Windows Media Player, it can increase the volume.
  • F10 In Windows Media Player, it can decrease the volume.
  • F11 In Internet Explorer, click F11 will switch to Full-Screen mode.
  • F12 In MS-Word it will show out the “Save-As” dialog


Control and Toggle Keys

how to use a computer keyboard toggle keys

Control and toggle keys are used to define a computer keyboard button with one or more functions. Such as the Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock keys are all ToggleKeys. In the case of the Caps Lock key, a user could whichever enable or disable the keyboard to type in all uppercase

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Alphanumeric Keyboard

how to use a computer keyboard classification

The alphanumeric keyboard is the prime part of the keyboard. This Part of keyword contains numbers, punctuation, letters, and some of the symbol keys. As earlier I discussed the most users use a QWERTY style keyboards nowadays

The alphanumeric keyboard is divided into five rows

  • The first row is a numeric row
  • Second next row is the alphabetical row.
  • The middle alphabetical row is in the third number
  • Furth one or the bottom is the alphabetical
  • Functional row is at the end


Use of Alphanumeric Keyboard

the alphanumeric keyboard is using in different devices and machines such as…

  • Laptops  Almost all laptops use an alphanumeric keyboard. This is the result of an effort that makes to save space, eliminate the classical numeric keypad existing on an old-style keyboard. Certain keyboard producers have chosen to contain it within the letter portion of the keyboard with an extra button press (a “function” key) compulsory to use it as such
  • Phones  Telephones and cell phones use almost alike alphanumeric keypads. The mere difference actuality that telephones lack a “Q” and a “Z”, while cell phones need the alphanumeric keypad for the use of texting and have added these letters back into the keypad. One cell phones, there is also frequently a key used for making a “space” as well as an extra number that is used capitalization r for punctuation.
  • ATMs  Automated teller machines (ATMs) present at banks and some businesses institutions have an alphanumeric keyboard. This is for the sake of personal identification numbers (PIN). Instead of memorizing only numbers, certain people link a word to their PIN that based on the letters presented on the consistent numbers of their PIN.
  • Other Devices   They alphanumeric keypad has become quite ordinary and is usually originate anywhere the numeric keypads are used such as gas pumps, mp3 players, debit card readers,  jukeboxes, etc.


Use of Keypad in Keyboard

how to use a computer keyboard keypad

Keypad not presented on all computer keyboards, particularly laptops. The keypad provides to the user a fast access to numbers and math functions fo example plus, divide, times, and subtract.

We can also say that a Keypad is a separate set of keys on some keyboards that contain the numbers like 0 to 9. It also includes a decimal point arranged as on an adding machine. Numeric keypads make it easier to enter large amounts of numeric data so it is amazing for calculation.

According to Techopedia

“Aside from the row of number keys found on the upper portion of a computer keyboard, a separate numerical pad is also located on the right side for efficient data entry. For more compact computers such as laptops and notebooks, external plug-in keypads may be purchased separately”

Phone keypads are normally alphanumeric, allowing the user to type names and text messages. They also give a calmer way of memorizing phone numbers.

For example, 1-800-DELIVER is a way of marketing a food chain delivery service, but it’s easier to remember than the actual number customers would call (1-800-335-4837)



Use of Arrow keys in Keyboard

how to use a computer keyboard arrow keys

Cursor drive keys or arrow keys are buttons on a computer keyboard that are either design to move the cursor in a particular direction

These arrow keys are four directional keys. These four directional keys allow you to move the cursor or change a highlighted selection

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Use of WASD Keys in Keyboard

how to use a computer keyboard wasd keys

WASD keys are the left most keys which form an arrow shape. It allows the left hand to control movement as well as allow the thumb to reach the spacebar. With this, the right hand is free to use the mouse. This setup is particularly for right-handed users who use the mouse with their dominant hand

Special Keys or Media Keys on a Multimedia Keyboard

how to use a computer keyboard special keys

Multimedia keyboards have extra buttons that usually do not found on a traditional keyboard these key performs a different function that not included with the old-style 104-key keyboard. Followings are the special keys

How to Use a Computer Keyboard

To use computer keyboard you must follow the following instruction. They can help you to make your work in relax mode.

Sit with Good Position

how to use a computer keyboard sit with good possion

In order to avoid stress on your hands, back, neck, and other joints, of your body you have to sit at the keyboard with good position. Your feet must be planted definitely on the floor.

Sit slightly lie back in your seat, allowing the chair to maintenance your lower back. Preferably, your elbows have an angled down marginally to help movement. 

Center the Keyboard

how to use a computer keyboard ceneter

During typing, your keyboard’s spacebar place in the center to your body. This will help you to keep you from having to replace to reach the keys.

Relax Hands When you are Not Typing

When you are not typing rest free your hands. Keeping your hands tense when not typing can increase rigorousness and discomfort later that is why you should relax

Focus on Accuracy Never Speed

Though typing fast may appear valuable but later on. It would not matter particularly when you are doing a lot of errors. Actually, speed will come with practice, so concentration all of your efforts on overcomes to mistakes. I am sure then you will be typing faster before you know it

Move Up, Down, Left, And Right

You have to use the arrow keys ↑↓←→ to move around different sides. They are the main navigation keys on the keyboard. You can use them in a word processor to move around and between lines similarly use them on web pages to scroll.

You can use them in games to move around in the same manner as a word processor. Always use your right hand to press the keys for batter speed

Scroll Quickly Through Pages

Scroll Quickly Through Pages

 You can quickly scroll through documents or web pages with the ⇞ Page Up and ⇟ Page Down keys. When you are using a word processor, these keys will move your cursor one page up or down from the cursor’s current location.

On the other hand, when you are viewing a web page, these keys will scroll the page up or down one screen-length. So for quick result, these are awesome keys

Upper Case, Lower Case, and All Caps

Except your Caps Lock key is a turn on your computer types everything in the lower case is it right? I hope you all have well known this phenomenon.

On the other way to make the first letter of a sentence or word uppercase, hold down the Shift key on the keyboard and press the letter you want to capitalize.

If you want all of the words to capitalize press the Caps Lock key, which should turn on a LED indicator pointed it is permitted. Once enabled everything remains capitalized unless you hold down the Shift key or press the Caps Lock key again

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