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Monday , March 19 2018

How to Start a Successful Blog Less Than One Hour (A Complete Step By Step Guide)

Hello, first of all, I warmly welcome to all readers into my blog and particularly blogger who want to learn how to start a successful blog

There are lots of tutorials and lots of material is available in the word of an internet when I want to start my blog I could not found full and shortly descriptive material

So I decide to share my knowledge about (how to start a successful blog) with all of the new bloggers who has a desire to build a blog. And I am sure it will really helpful as it explains fully but in short terms

So let start follow these start-up instruction to be a successful blogger.

  • When are we going to start a blog think about it, why you should want to create a blog?
  • What is the purpose of you blogging, are you want to create it for your business purpose or you have a desire to share your knowledge and expertise before the whole word?
  • You can make a blog in any topic relate to your passion such as gaming, food, Entertainment, Vehicles (Car, Bikes), technology, poetry or anything according to your interest.
  • After that, you have to decide the audience of your blog or what is your targeted area or where you have the desire to see your blog mostly like the USA, UAE, UK, Asian Countries or anywhere.


how to start a successful blog



How to Start A Successful Blog

What Is Blog?

Before starting to explain How to start a successful blog, we must clear what is a blog?
A blog likely looks like a website which is run by a single person or by a company and it is frequently updated with new informatics posts and written in an informal or conversational style. I can also ask blogging is a way to share your thoughts and passion freely because it is your property like a home

Free & Paid Blogging (How to Start A Successful Blog)

There are many platforms (WordPress, blogger, tumbler) who offers free blogging such as you have no need to pay anything to anyone and you can build a blog without money but here is a problem, free blogging have certain limitation such as….

  • WordPress free blog offer limited google AdSense ads facility
  • Only WordPress themes are allowed into WordPress fee blogging
  • The name of domain display like or
  • Free blogging provide Limited storage space

In shortly I think free blogging looks like ugly, does not show professional attitude and show a non-serious behavior. So here how to start a successful blog I suggest build by paid

There is no too much income is required to start a successful blog such as you can start it only 20$ to 30 $ which is not the huge amount. But if you do not want to pay other option still remain but I suggest all of you build paid the web because free web in under the authority of others they may erase your blog and all of your efforts will be lost



On the other hand, you can also build your own blog by paid platform such as WordPress, blogger, tumbler and much more. Here you must pay and use a unique domain name such as

It looks like amazing and showing professional attitude. Paid blogging have lots of benefits such as

Difference between Blog and Websites

Before learning how to start a successful blog you have to familiar with the difference between website and blog. There is two way to present your data and information into the front of people.

Such as website and blog, in a blog the content of your website is not statics recent post shown on the front page, on the other hand, a website which was built in HML, CSS, Javascript or any computer language is known as a website and the pages of the website are statics.

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Blogging as a Means of Income

The present age is an age of technology and goes to advance day by day, by unique and creative writing blogger increase their blog traffic and generate a passive income and make a lovely livelihood. And when talk about blogging we can expect the following numerous benefits….

How to Start a Successful Blog Income

As above I mentioned it is a means of income if done correctly. Many bloggers earn lots of money, and I granted every person who has a little desire to be a blogger get massive income through it. Even it will be done as a part-time business or job just follow how to start a successful blog guide build and get benefits.

Recognition through Start A Successful Blog

Anyone gains popularity through a blog and will be a famous person in the field of technology. Learn how to start a successful blog and rise popularity

How to Start a Successful Blog by Different Blogging Platforms
Technology going to more and more advance so There are many blogging platforms such as WordPress, blogger, tumbler (social media sites or platform) and much more.

Thay provides facility to build a blog just like a website within a few minutes. As I asked there are many so a common question arises, which one is the best and perfect?ccording to my thinking WordPress is widely used blogging platform. It is easy to use and also provide free blogging services. There are other services such as blogger the other net best alternative of WordPress, the tumbler is also one of them. But again I suggest WordPress.

According to my thinking WordPress is widely used blogging platform. It is easy to use and also provide free blogging services. There are other services such as blogger the other net best alternative of WordPress, the tumbler is also one of them. But again I suggest WordPress, for this learn WordPress tutorials for beginners



How to Start a Successful Blog

Here in how to start a successful blog guide, there are almost five steps to create the web. All these steps take 20 to 30 mints for reading. You can read an also make a blog by these ways within 30 mins

Choose a specific blogging platform to start a successful blog

First of all, you have to choose a blogging platform to start a successful blog into the land of the internet. As early I discussed there are many blogging platforms and you can use any of them to start a successful blog

How to start a successful blog by WordPress platforms?

how to start a successful blog with wordpress



There are variety of reason to use WordPress in first and foremost priority basis such as

  • WordPress is super easy to use and have no any complex procedure
  • WordPress makes this guide (how to start a successful blog) much easy
  • It is free to use with an easy installation 
  • A variety of free themes in variety of layout are available to start a successful blog. You can choose one of them according to your choice or need


As I said it is widely used blogging platform because it also provide an awesome feature of comments
And the most attractive thing that I observed is WordPress forums. Such as if you have any difficulty just put your problem in a forum and get a solution of your problem

Choose a Webhosting Company and a Domain Name for Your Website

Choose a web hosting company and a domain name for your web. This is the second step to start a successful blog. You can buy a hosting from Hostgator, Bluehost and domain name by GoDaddy as the services of these company are reliable. When we are going to buy and hosting company two things must keep in mind

  1. Page load speed (average time of loading your page is must in seconds)
  2. The second one is up time it will be 100 % because 99.9 % also made 42 minutes downtime in a single month

So these two things just keep in mind and choose your domain name and hosting company to start a successful blog.
Importance of Domain Name to Start a Successful Blog

how to start a successful blog by low uptime


Domain name is the name of your blog or website and consider most chief key to attainment superlative SEO of your website. So choose domain name with great care,

  • It may a name of your brand or relate to your business.
  • Domain name cannot be a difficult word and difficult pronunciation
  • It can be short as much as you can or up to 65 characters. As the short name is considered easy to type and remember
  • such as is easier to remember then
  • Use a keyword into your domain name (prefer related keywords of your web content)
  • Use a domain name with .com extension. But if you could not find in .com then try in .net or .org these three extensions considered best.


Set Up Blog on Your Personal Domain to Start a Successful Blog

Today’s age is the age of technology and it is going to more powerful day by day. Computer and internet also growing very fast. Day’s gone when you had to upload folder, configure different files and generate passwords to installing WordPress it was looking hard!

But today’s installing WordPress is a matter of one click. Imagine it you can install WordPress into you hosting account by just one click amazing.

Although the procedure is different for different but looks like similar so by reading this guide of how to start a successful web you will be able to install WordPress easily

How to Start a Successful Blog Design with Good Looking Theme

The third step how to start a successful blog is designing. All of us familiar with designing. In WordPress, there are the variety of free themes into all niche of the website. Just like new, fashion, learning, health, educational or many more. So you can choose a perfect theme according to your choice and requirements (themes are free and also paid) and enjoy perfect blog for your business.



Writing WordPress Post To Start a Successful Blog

Writing post is third step to start a successful blog, when you had a blog on WordPress there is a back end dashboard. From where you can control all of your blog activities, writing a blog post is also one of them.

Firstly you have to make pages and create categories of your blog and then you have to write an original self-created well explain and good quality content containing post.

Before publishing your post I recommend reading how to make on page optimization perfect. You can use images and video or audio to make your post more attractive and look impressive view.

Use of WordPress Plugin to Start a Successful Blog

The Plugin makes your work easy and perfect. I recommend to you use plugins such as all in one SEO, or shareholding etc. These plugins are using for SEO and there are many plugins that will help you to work in different niche blog easily

You can also ask any question regarding such guide. I fully try to solve your question by my expertise. Knowledge has grown up by sharing. So keep sharing this guide with your friends and keep visiting  to know all about blogging.

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Aksa Sahi I am a web developer and SEO expert and also an Economist, I earned the degree of (Hons) in Agricultural and resource Economics from the University of Agriculture Faisalabad in 2013. Exploring the World of Technology and traveling the adventure place is my passion working as a teacher and as a freelance web developer. I love to explore the world of IT.

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