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Monday , March 19 2018

Learn How to create categories in WordPress and Create a Branded Website within A Hour

Hello, everyone hopes so you all are fine and also shine like the moon. Now let’s start our next lesson how to add categories in WordPress. As the WordPress comes with lots of great features and the categories is one of them.

In which you can sort your content into different categories, tags, and taxonomies. WordPress categories are a very convenient way to organize your posts.

This gives you a lot of flexibility to show exactly the posts you want, exactly the way you want them in widgets, menus or directly in your WordPress theme

How to add categories in WordPress and Build A Website According to your choice

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One of the major difference between categories and tags is that categories can have subcategories or child categories. On the other hand’s tags are simple. In this tutorial, we will show you how to add categories and subcategories in WordPress

Video Tutorial To Add Categories in WordPress and Build A Website

How to Add Categories in WordPress

To create new categories in WordPress, you need to access the Posts -> Categories page first.

how to add categories in wordPress


And then On the left side of the page, you will see that tab which allows you to create categories.

Fill in the category name.

It’s slug (will be used in the category URLs and write in small alphabets

Then click on Add New Category button.

In this tutorial, I will make a new categories name news. So put NEW in the field and click on all new category

How to Add categories in WordPress

Now your first category is ready. And now, let’s make a sub-category of the News post one named Weather news. Fill in a name and slug the way you did with the first category but this time select News as a parent for the new category. Then, press Add New Category once more to save the new sub-category

How to Ads categories in WordPress 2

Now all is done hope so now you will not find any difficulties to create new categories as well as new pages as we discussed in our previous tutorial.

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