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Monday , October 23 2017


Future Continuous Tenses is used to express a continued or an ongoing action in future. For example, “He will be waiting for you tomorrow”, it delivers ongoing nature of an action (waiting) which will occur in future. Here I will explain future continuous tense exercises with answers, s get ready.

We already discuss 10 classes based on English grammar basics to advance, you have to read out or learn video tutorials of previous tenses such as present continues, past continuous.

Here You can also learn all about present perfect as well as past perfect continuous tense and other tutorials

future continuous tense exercises with answers


Definition For Future Continuous Tenses

Future Continuous Tenses express an action which is to begin and to continuous in future time.


  • The student will be going back home.
  • The child will be sucking tomb.


Construction for Simple Future Continuous Tense

You can construct future continuous simple sentences with the help of following formula. It is too easy to remember so must remember this formula.


Subject + shall be /will be +verb 1 form + ing + object



Correct the Below Sentence According To the Formula of Future Continuous Tense Formula

  • The president of the meeting will be delivering a speech.
  • The guest of honor will be giving away the prizes.
  • They shall be taking part in the drama.
  • The drummers will be beated their drums.
  • The child had be looking for his toy
  • We were be white washing the house.
  • You has be taking bath in the river.


Construction for Negative Future continuous Tense


Subject + shall not be /will not be +verb 1 form + ing + object

For example

  • You will not be helping the poor.
  • I shall not be reading this book.




Following Sentences Are Not Correct So Correct With the Help of Future Continuous simple Formula

  • The people will not flying kites today.
  • The doctor shell not operating
  • The governor shell not be considering my application.
  • They will not be came on good terms.
  • Will not be taking park sin races.
  • Good shopkeeper will not hoarding goods
  • Noble man will not be mixing water in the milk.


Construction of Interrogatives Future Continuous Tenses


Shall/will + subject + be + verb1 form +Ing + object

For Example

  • Will they be taking exercise?
  • Will you be teasing your parents?



Correct the Below Sentences According to Interrogative Future Tenses

  • When shell be children will be sleeping?
  • Be Will labors be levelling the road?
  • Where shell the people be gathering?
  • When will the star be shined?
  • Where shall we be greeted them?
  • How will the army defending the country?
  • Why will the train be arrivied late?
  • Will the girls be run spinning wheel?


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