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Monday , March 19 2018

What Changes You Should Make In Dashboard after Installation of WordPress

After the WordPress application installation and theme install in WordPress, it just looks like a typical view such as with few unnecessary stuff like a hello world post. There are many other things that you need to do to make it ready for yourself and for public. So, let’s started with the essential setting after WordPress installation that you need to make correct

Essential setting after WordPress installation


General Setting After Installing WordPress

General Setting is The essential setting after WordPress installation. This is about your Site Title and tagline. This is the main part of essential WordPress setting. So you have to put a unique and SEO optimize site title. This site title must represent the type of your site.

The next one is Tagline shows explanation about your site in few words. Put all these setting accordingly.

The WordPress Address (URL) is the full URL of your website

Site Address is similar with above line so put your website full address

Email Address is the address of your representative email by which you can use to receive any update

Membership tick anyone register at essential stage

New use default rule is set, subscriber


general setting Essential Setting after installing WordPress



Writing Setting After Installing WordPress

Under this option, you have t set your blog writing inertial setting according to the below image

writting Essential Setting after WordPress Installation



WordPress Ping list

After this, we are moving to set WordPress ping list which is highly essential setting after WordPress installation. By default WordPress ping only one ping service, you can know many more services by extending the ping service.

Add more ping list here at Settings> Writing. You can get a big list of Ping list on WordPress blog

wordpress pin setting


Reading Settings

The next setting belongs to reading setting in WordPress. Under this, you have to follow the below screenshot or watch the video tutorial for batter understanding



wordpress reading setting


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Set up WordPress Permalink

In the first and for most step just set up WordPress permalink because the default WordPress permalink is like:

and this permalink is short but not SEO friendly for search engines. So you need to change it to make it search engine friendly for perfect SEO.

To change the permalink go to settings then go to Permalink and select the post name and click on save.

This confirms that your permalink when seeing in the search engine, it will hold some keywords, and your blog posts will rank superior in the search engine. Here is the image to show this change.


WordPress post title or permalink setting in wordpress

Set your time Zone

Now we are here to configure your homepage name and tagline

Email address will be your site admin Email address, and this is the email that you will use to get all the Email notifications associated with your site.

Make sure you set up the timezone to your local time, this will make sure your scheduled post will go according to your time zone. As my time zone is Pakistan so I select it. The following image shows you the steps

wordpress time zone

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WordPress discussion/comment settings

Under this section, you should setup just essential setting after WordPress installation.  Follow me in video or in the screenshot and put the check-mark in front of the field as shown in the screenshot.

discussion setting in wordpress

WordPress Media Settings

For this you simply Go to Settings> Media and follow me in video tutorial or simply use the below screenshot to configure the settings:

wordpress media setting

Options All Indexes

This will disable directory browsing. One important step for the security of your blog

All is done now. If you like this tutorial must share with your friends and share into Facebook twitter or any other social media that you like and don’t forget to join our Facebook page joins our community and subscribe our YouTube channel

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