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Monday , March 19 2018


Welcome back dear student, today I am here with a new lesson in the series of blogger tutorial that is Email Settings In Blogger. We covered many other topics such as how to create a blog in blogger, blogger basic settings and blogger post and comment settings.

So you must learn previous blogger lessons for batter understanding. Blogger is a vast platform offers many features to their user without any price.

The price of is free, according to my thinking actually it is priceless because blogger offers many facilities to everyone from where you can run your business with little hard work. So blogger is amazing.

The blogger offered a facility to their users to write their blog post with the help of email, you can put your post into the blog with the help of your mobile phone by email. So make an Email Settings In Blogger and enjoy

It means you don’t need to have your computer or laptop with you every time you wanted to post something. In this tutorial, we learn how email setting can be done. So let’s move


Email Settings In Blogger Make You A Great Opportunity In Free BlogSpot Blogging


Here are a quick shortcut lines

  • Sign in to Blogger with google account
  • Select the blog to update
  • Select blog setting from drop down menu
  • In the left menu, select Settings > Posts, comments, and sharing.
  • Click Save settings

Contents For Email Settings in blogger

  • Email Setting
  • Posting Using Email
  • Comment Notification Email
  • Email Post To



Email Setting



Go to and select setting into the drop down menu and then email setting from setting option. Here we learn how do you connect email with your blogger.

Posting Using Email



Posting Using Email Also known as Mail2Blogger, you can Use this address to post text and images directly to your blog from your email. Here I mention you all the text and images must be up to 10 MB in size.

You can choose any name between place between My action.”          ” My action is shown as your Google plus name and you can put any unique words after your name.

Here I leave this option empty or click into disabling. Basically, you can choose your email address for posting, choose any name. And check save an email as a draft


Vide Tutorial Helps You Email Settings In Blogger


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Comment Notification Email Settings In Blogger


Here you can check your email address for all of your comment notification. We select our email address. But it is not too important (You can add ten email addresses to receive comment).

By clicking choose from a contact you can choose your contact email easily. Blogger offers up to ten email addresses, written separated by commas.

Blogger always will email these addresses when someone leaves a comment on your blog. So it is a very interesting to inform the entire writer about new blog post collectively. use of it can help in on the page SEO (search engine optimization) point of view


Email Post To


You can also choose 10 emails to receive your blog post. You can add email by clicking on add.
so the email setting is done here.

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