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Monday , March 19 2018


Dear users welcome back in MyAkTiON. Here we are learning how to create a blog on BlogSpot (google blog). Today we learn How to Configure blog post.

In our previous classes, we cover all about Gmail account for bloggerhow to create a blog on BlogSpot, change blogger template, blogger basic setting, blogger post and comment setting how to change email setting, how to set language and formatting setting and blogger other settings.

As well as we learned all about preference and other settings. Furthermore, we are going to learn how to configure blog post in blogger tutorial.

We learn how to Configure blog post tutorial into different steps and you have to follow these steps to Configure blog post and watch video tutorial where I demonstrate how to Configure blog post.


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Configure blog post tutorial 14

Configure Blog Post Steps

Step 1 To Configure blog post:

To configure blog post Go to your blogger blog dashboard and select the blog that you want to change or go to your newly created blogger blog

Step 2:

Go to the more options icon and click on it. Then select layout from the drop down menu and then you can configure blog post in blogger

Next Step 3:

A new window will appear in front of you after step 2 for configuration of your blog post. In this window or under the layout option find out the blog post window and click on edit

Step 4:

In this step, a window belongs to configure blog post appears. Here you can configure your blogger blog post


You can change the flowing settings under the configure blog post window

  • No of post on the main page: Under this option, you can choose the number of posts that you want to appear on the home page of your blog. I recommend maximum 8 or minimum 5 posts into your home page because more no of post get more no of minutes to open your blog page or load blog page and that is not a good point. So keep it 5 to 8 for perfect SEO (Search engine optimization
  • Post page link text:  Add a button read more at the end of the post into the main page of a blogger blog as It is a good sign to show read more button and shows only a part of the post into the home page.
  • Date format: Here choose any format of date within the number of formats to show into your blog post. I leave it as it is
  • Name of the person posted by  show name of person who posts on your blog by this option
  • Time of post: set time of post
  • No of comment shown: here you can adjust no of comment shown into the post
  • Link to this post:  Link your post to another page
  • Label:  use to show label or not
  • Show quick edit:  use to show post edit options
  • Reaction
  • Show email post link: It shows icon for email post
  • Show share buttons: use to add share button into blog post
  • Location: select to show location
  • Show author profile below post: by this option, you can enable author profile into the page 
  • Show ads between posts: when you want to add different ads into the post use this option


Step 5:

After change recommended setting click into saving

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