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Monday , March 19 2018


Once a time there was no internet even long far there was no any machine like present computer, people could not think about the present shape of computer. They use books and print hand written books for later use (basic source of information). When computer make an entry in the universe the entire world going to a new journey of technological advancement, and after the birth (invention) of internet the whole universe come close into a jar. People can contact anywhere into the world through internet, they can read online, present online lecture, even they can buy or sale anything from any corner of the universe amazing. All of this is because of Website and here we are going to learn the key of web development such as Complete HTML Tutorial for Learning web so get ready…..

Html Tutorial for Learning Web in HTML Tutorial – MyAktiON Technology

When we talk about internet the first and for most thing come into mind is website.

YES website is consider the whole internet

Like if you want to search anything simply you put the keyword of your related topic into the search engine and search engine provide the list of huge websites. You can search any one of them and get your required information. so HTML Tutorial for Learning web is quite helpfull to all of you.

HOW SIMPLE ! (with HTML Tutorial for Learning Web)

Yes with HTML Tutorial for Learning web, it is a quit simple procedure now. But how to build all that website? It was a difficult question in our past because it was a lengthy procedure but we see lots of work had done in this field and the complex procedure to build a website in now learning web much simple. Anyone who have inclination to develop a website can be a web developer. As we now learning website is quite costly but provide complete step by step procedure of learning web with html tutorial, and all of this is free of any cost. The HTML Tutorial for Learning web guide provide by us is from totally basic level and will go advancement step after step.

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Watch Video Tutorial HTML Tutorial for Learning web

Before starting this HTML Tutorial for Learning web guide I suggest some suggestion which is important for a student who have a thirst of learning web development with HTML tutorials.

  • You should have a burning desire to learn Web development
  • Learn and practice more and more
  • Try to memorized all the codes
  • Ask question about any difficulties
  • Read FAQ and get ideas by other
  • Be patient and learn on daily basis
  • Do not run fast and faster or do not try yourself underestimate
  • And finally be patient

So let’s move toward HTML Tutorial for Learning web development.

Thing need to know in HTML Tutorial for Learning web

Basically a website is made with the combination of three basic language such as

  1. HTML (Hypertext markup language)
  2. CSS (cascading style sheet)
  3. JS (Java Script)

All these three language are beside on codes so be ready to play with alphabets, numeric, symbols or numbers.

First of all we are going toward HTML (Hypertext markup language) as it is the basic and most necessary language. We will go through basic to advance level in this language before starting any other language and I guarantee if anyone completely learn this language through this guide 80 % cover web development. So here we cover the flowing topic

HTML Tutorial for Learning web

2 Lesson HTML Editor

Then HTML Basic

HTML Element

The HTML Attribute


The HTML Heading

HTML Paragraph

The HTML Style

HTML Formatting

The HTML Meta Tag

HTML Quotation

The HTML computer code

HTML Comment

The HTML Fount


The HTML Color


The HTML Link

HTML Images

The HTML Embedded Multimedia

HTML Marquees

The HTML Table

The HTML List

HTML Block

The HTML Classes

HTML Layout

The HTML Responsive

HTML Iframes

The HTML Style Sheet

HTML JavaScript

The HTML Head

HTML Entities

The HTML Symbol

HTML Charset

The HTML Url Encode


The HTML REFERANCES (html tutorial)

Tag References

Attributes References

Events References

Founts References


ASCII Table lookup

Fount References

Event References

MIME Media Types

URL Encoding

Language ISO Codes

Character Encodings

Deprecated Tags

Website Project

Useful Books on HTML language

Keep moving toword HTML-TUTORIAL from the basic. feel free to ask any question and keep visiting for more tutorials.

About My Aktion

Aksa Sahi I am a web developer and SEO expert and also an Economist, I earned the degree of (Hons) in Agricultural and resource Economics from the University of Agriculture Faisalabad in 2013. Exploring the World of Technology and traveling the adventure place is my passion working as a teacher and as a freelance web developer. I love to explore the world of IT.

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