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Monday , March 19 2018


Hi! Action speaker’s welcome back into the hub of free technology tutorials. here you can learn how to create a blog with or without spending money. so be ready and make a stunning website with a blogger blog. In this Tutorial, we will lBlogger Blog Basic Settings

Blogger Blog Basic Settings Helps You to Build an SEO Optimized Website



Contents For Blogger Blog Basic Settings

  • Basic
  • Title
  • Description
  • Privacy
  • Publishing
  • Blog Address
  • HTTP
  • HTTP redirect
  • Permission
  • Blog Author
  • Blog Reader


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Blogger Blog Basic Setting



Go to your newly created blogger blog or a blog that you want to update

blogger-tutorial class 5


Select blog setting from drop down menu



In the left menu, select Settings > Posts, comments, and sharing, and make change the setting by following step by step guide











I already mention in our previous class the title is an important and unique part of any blog. The title show the search engine what is the basic of your blog or what is your blog about?

So it is highly important you must choose it with care. Here in our blog tutorial, we choose a blog title “All Free Software House By Myaktion” because we are going to build free software services on our blogger blog

Video Demonstration For Blogger Blog Basic Settings




The next option is description

Here we write the description of our blogger blog. You can write 500 characters in your description here. This description is not about SEO, it generally showed the description of your blog. In our blog, we type the following description

This site provide Expert PC Help and Advice Including News, Software Downloads, Download Program, Download Free Software, Free Zip Software, Tips to Use Different Software and How to Buy a Software and Much More

Note: 500 characters with space.




The next option that we discuss here is Privacy, in the privacy, there are further two option such as

Add your blog to our listing?

Here you have to choose option Yes

Let’s search engine find your blog?

Again choose option yes

These two options are highly important in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) point of view


Blog Address


Here in blog address setting, you can set up a 3rd party URL. Such as if you have any purchased URL or web address you can add your blog address here. So you can choose your own blogger blog address without.BlogSpot extension.



HTTP redirect

Leave this option as it is, here HTTP redirects is selected No



Blog Author


In this section of blogger basic setting, you can choose a blog authority. Here you can select more than one blog authors or you can include anyone as a blogger author who makes the change into your blog. But make sure that one is your trusted person. For given you blog permission to anyone type the ID of that person and then click on invite author.

Blog Reader


This is the second option in permission section and also the last option that we discuss in this lesson of blogger basic setting, here you can choose selected blog reader. The Public is the best option here in point of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Click Save settings


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