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Monday , March 19 2018

How to Secure WordPress Website from Hackers in 2017 (Best Security Plugin)

Best WordPress Security plugin uses to protect your online website business. You can see in the land of the universe every man have a try to build their own home. Everyone tries their best to make the strongest security for their home protection. Like a home, every businessman or every worker trying to make a protected business and make many necessary things to keep them safe.

wordpress security plugins 2017

Similarly, into the land of internet, a website is a home or business place for the person who built it or who work with it. So he or she also in a try to protect their property in the land of the internet. All the web developer know websites are built into different platforms like WordPress, blogger, tumbler and many others.

You can choose anyone of them, but I recommend the widely used website development platform which is WordPress. If you have no idea how to build a website or blog in WP you can contact Us for this services. As we provide the services to developed WordPress blog websites at very cheap rates.

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You are reading this article so as a bounce I offered all of you a manual help in each project. Such as if you have a desire to build a WP blog and facing any problem you can contact us, we guide you each and every step through Skype. Just scroll down and comment to get Skype id or anything else.

So the above discussion is all about new blog or website once you have a blog the next step is what?

Can you guess it, I think you can because I explain you something in the first paragraph. You might be known now, yes the next one is security. So let’s get talk about our website security.

If we have a WP Blog and need to secure our blog from multiple spams, cyber threats, hackers etc. then in WP do not worry. WP is amazing because it allows you to use multiple plugins. You can secure your website without having a zero coding knowledge.



Yes, you can protect your blog by just installing a simple WP Plugin. If you have no idea how to do this simply hover over here and go to how to install WP Plugins.

The thing that is required a lot is there are millions of plugins and might be you got confused which one is better and which one fulfill your need. So I just listed the best WordPress security Plugins with a little description

Quick Video Guide WordPress security best practices


WordFence The Best WordPress Plugin

The Best WordPress security plugin that I saw is the Word Fence WP Plugin. If you want to know the worth of this plugin just go to the plugin section, you can more than one million downloads it get.

 The second most common observation can be the rating and now again you find it with 4.9/5. So this is all time best choice for all webmasters.

WordFence covers login security, IP blocking, security scanning, and WordPress firewall and monitoring and much more. This plugin is good for beginners and pro users alike

WordFence starts by checking if the site is already infected. It does a deep server scan of the site’s source code and equates it to the Official WordPress repository for core, themes, and plugins.

As this is available as a free to use but if you want to secure your website with more features. You have to use the premium version of this plugin. In a pro version is going to rock star. It includes country blocking, two-step authentication, scheduled scanning and further more.




BulletProof WordPress Plugin

The second most important one can be bulletproof security Plugin. It is another famous as well as authentic WP Plugin. Once we look at the feature that provided by this amazing piece of the plugin, you can find it in multiple ways.

It originates with a built-in application level firewall, login security, database backup, maintenance mode, and several other security modes to protect your website.

It does arise with a setup wizard that automatically updates your WordPress .htaccess files and enables firewall protection

.You can use this as a free version and you can also extend its functioning with the paid version once you paid you will be able a lifetime support.



All in one wp security & firewall

All in one wp security & firewall

The all in one WP security & firewall is easy to use particularly for those who do not have lots of knowledge to manage any security. This WordPress security plugin has a user-friendly interface particularly for those who are not aware of advanced security settings. 

It comes with multiple functionings such as a password strength that help you to create stronger passwords. The other is login lockdown feature that blocks an IP address from continuously making failed login attempts.

You can also get amazing features such as the firewall feature blocks malicious scripts. It blocks all malleolus before it affects the code on your WordPress site. It prevents hot linking of images and blocks fake Google bots from crawling your site.




VaultPress wp plugins

VaultPress is a premium subscription service made by Automatic. This WordPress security plugin offers a relaxed way to back up your site daily. You can use it as real-time syncing all of your site content. It not only backup your website but also scans and removes threats found in your files. So you can choose this one free of cost as well as paid in pro.



WP Security Ninja

WP Security Ninja

WP Security Ninja is a superb and amazing choice for all websites. It is the fastest way to scan your website for any kind of threats.

As it the fastest, allows the WordPress website to scan less than a minute. This is the amazing and too precious fact.

After scanning it will show you all feasible security alarms led with links to detailed explanation of the problem and measures, you can take to fix them.

This WP Security plugin is very user-friendly, easy to use. You can rest secure as this plugin will run over fifty different security tests. Thes are ass brute-force attacks to make your site more secure.

It will also keep you safe from potential hackers or the “script kiddies.”

Like all above it also comes with free as well as pro paid version. Once you purchase, more features like the Core Scanner, Malware Scanner, Auto Fixer, Events Logger and Scheduled Scanner are in your reach.


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