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Monday , February 20 2017


Hello my dear friend i hope you every one are well and enjoying life with friend and family, as i am sharing my knowledge and experience with all of you, today i am going to share an bioinformatic list with all of you which is top social media sites, and also explain all about such top social media sites.

What is top social media?

Now a days every one taking about social media, so what is actual is it?

A famous quote by Aristotle

  “Men is a social animal”

It revealed that man is not social in present but it was also a social person in past. He meet, communicate, exchange things, one another, and take part in different activities.Presently by the invention of internet the whole world came closed and made universe as a global village.

top social media sites

Social media sites are computer tools and application by which people and companies use to communicate, share information, career interest, ideas, videos, pictures or present anything on the world of internet. Furthermore social media is the collectively based on online communication channels dedicated to community based input, participate and share with each other. Social media base on internet and mobile applications.

Social media sites today

Few years ago there was no social media sites, even no one think about a website where we talked with anyone. But today the entire situation changed, now a days everyone talk and take part in top social media sites. A huge popularity of the word daily come online through different social media sites such as Facebook, twitter or LinkedIn. An important step to build your internet business is to be a part of such social media site, share your product in such sites or bookmark your business with such sites. In this way you can promote your business and advertise freely.

Why use Social media

why use social media

Through top social media sites you can explore your product in front of peoples, such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or many other website provide a facility to showcase of your business related products and services.

Top Social media sites also helps to communicate with your customer, and also helps you to listen what the customer demands and what they viewed about your products and services. In this way you can improve your products and services and improver your brand image in the eye of your customers. More customer attracted and build strong relationship.

Benefits of top social media sites

benefits of social media sites

Top social media sites helps to promote business online and offline. The value of social media site high provide high benefits to you. Many social media sites provide direct and indirect link to your website so I can say top social media sites are a source of backlinks as well as traffic. So the value of sites had grate important. The ranking factor is directly affected by the PR of any website. Here I explain the key benefits of top social media sites.

  • Sharing

Top Social media sites provide sharing facilities, people can share material such as products, audio, video, pictures, animation, poster any many more. In different website people bookmark there products and services for promotion.

  • Communication

Communication is the key factor to build relationship, through top social media sites customer and services provider directly communicate one another and share her experience and knowledge.

  • Trend

It is a source of information. Through top social media sites you can aware the changing trend of different things. Such as designer show off style of new arrival into Facebook, twitter and anyone who is a part of such media know about new styles.

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Backlinks is a one of the most effective key factor to increase Page Rank of any website or blog before search engine, and top social media sites play a role as a backlinks to your websites.

  • Source of traffic

Business glow like moon when people came and appreciate your products but how people know and come toward your business or blog. If you have to show off or bookmark your blog or products on the social media then definitely it will be a decent source of traffic to your blog.

  • Image building

Top Social media sites provide a facility to make a profile and people put testimonial which helps to build image of you and your blog before peoples.

  • Advertisement of product

Such sites helps to advertisement. And a free source of advertisement.

How Divert Traffic into your website

You can bookmark you blog material into top social media sites. Site such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and many more had a grate community of people who online daily in these sites and when you had advertise with such sites people saw and come forward into your websites. So it is a source of diverting traffic into your blog or websites.

List of top social media sites

I have a list of top social media sites and going to share all of these with you. Anyone who is ne or even old in website business or SEO/SMO business get benefits by such top social media sites.

List of top social media sites

No. Logo Name Page Rank Global Rank
1. facebook Facebook 9 2
2. twitter twitter  10  9
3. linkedin LinkedIn  9  17
4. pinterest Pinterest  9  30
5. google plus Google +  9  1
6. Flickr Flickr  9  162
7. livejournal Livejournal  7  207
8. Badoo Badoo  6  358
9. Hootsuite Hootsuite  8 368 
10. stumbleupon Stumbleupon  8  356
11. fiverr Fiverr  5  475
12. meetup Meetup  7  509
13.  Okcupid Okcupid  6  673
14. Tageed Tagged  6 1038 
15. Foursquare Foursquare  9 1143 
16. Xing Xing  9 1191 
17.  8  1545
18. Ning Ning  7 1883 
19.  Myapace Mycpace  8 1761 
20. Hi5 Hi5  6 2761 
21. Couchsurfing Couchsurfing  7 3377 
22. Classmates Classmates  6 4216 
23. Care2 Care2  6  4139
24. Geni Geni  6 6141 
25. gaiaonline Gaiaonline  5 6641 
26. Zorpia Zorpia  4 8532 
27. Experienceproject Experienceproject  4 9156 
28.  Wayn Wayn  4  9055
29.  Flixster Flixster  5 9165 
30. Lipstickalley Lipstickalley  4 12613 
31. Fotolog Fotolog  6 9801 
32. fotki Fotki  5 14637 
33. path Path  7 14309 
34. Favstar Favstar  6 18905 
35. Naijapals Naijapals  3 11906 
37. Hashtags Hashtags  6  36990
38. Blackplanet Blackplanet  6  33365
39. Indyarocks Indyarocks  3  28056
40. Keyhole Keyhole   36709 
41. Buzznet Buzznet  6 37576 
42. bizsugar  bizsugar  5  10099
43. Student Student  5  122499
44. Bebo Bebo  6 104896
45. iesa  5  16859
47. Folkd  Folkd  6  2741
48. Delicious Delicious  8  2755
49. Kiwibox Kiwibox  5  20884
50. Cross  4  144604
51. Weread Weread  5  90
52. Carigngbridge Carigngbridge  7  8120
53. Deviantart Deviantart  7  236
54. Ibibo Ibibo  4  78955
55. Vampirefreaks Vampirefreaks  4  57941
56. Ravelry Ravelry  6  1449
58. Habbo Habbo  5  30716
59. Tuenti Tuenti  8  17830
60. Qzone Qzone  7  84915
61.  Renren Renren  8  1442
63. Vkontakte Vkontakte  9  20
64. Netlog Netlog  6  44099
65. studivz Studivz  8  53766
66. Sonico Sonico  6  634
67. Friendster Friendster  6  112617
68. Plurk Plurk  7  1888
69. Reddit Reddit  8  32
70. Disqus Disqus  9  569
71. Scoop Scoop  7  1029
72. Bibsonomy Bibsonomy  7  5078
73. Diigo Diigo  7  2489
74. Fark Fark  7  3615
75. Blinklist Blinklist  6 17556
76. Dzone Dzone  6  5004

About My Aktion

Aksa Sahi I am a web developer and SEO expert and also an Economist, I earned the degree of (Hons) in Agricultural and resource Economics from the University of Agriculture Faisalabad in 2013. Exploring the World of Technology and traveling the adventure place is my passion working as a teacher and as a freelance web developer. I love to explore the world of IT.

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